It’s a great thing when I see an abundance of marketing efforts for green homes.  The HGTV home I wrote about last week has started their tours in Plymouth, MA.  Now, Country Living magazine is going to build a certified LEED home into the middle of New York City at the World Financial Center.  They have partnered with New World Home to create modular homes that reflect the tastes of Country Living’s readers, with a eco-friendly edge. I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase the latest in home design to a very large audience.

Here is some information about the tours they will be offering for their Green Home:

Country Living’s 2010 House of the Year will be open to the public June 4th-June 16th, Monday-Friday 11-5, Saturday and Sunday 9-6 and Thursday June 17th 10-2 at The World Financial Center. Tickets are free. Following the open house the home will move to Crystal Springs Resort near Vernon , N.J. where it will become a permanent Country Living Green Modular Home design center. Country Living will be donating $5,000 to benefit National Parks off the New York Harbor Conservancy. To see the complete collection of Country Living green modular homes visit

 If you could renovate part of your house and make it greener, what would you want to do?  On my list, a larger recycling area and a greenhouse to grow more of my own food. Has anyone experienced building their own green home?  I would love to hear about the challenges you faced and how you learned about all the options in building materials.

Happy Monday!

I am currently testing out the deodorant alternative, the De Odor Stainless Steel bar.  The potentially harmful chemicals in conventional deodorants makes me a little nervous, so I’m excited to be testing out this product. Review to come!

I am so excited that the new HGTV Green Home is in my home state of Massachusetts. The latest giveaway house from HGTV is located at The Pinehills in Plymouth, MA. This weekend I saw the advertisements about touring this awesome home. They have a recycling/laundry room that makes going green easy even for the eco-challenged!

The tours are available as follows:
Tues-Sun: 10am-4pm
Thurs: 10am-6pm
Closed Monday

The tickets are $20 and must be purchased in advance. Children 12 and under are free with adult purchase.
Click here for tickets via The Pinehills

The proceeds will benefit the Pinehills Affordable Housing Charitable Trust, Inc.
The tours are available from April 21- July 2.
I can’t wait to check out the house.  If you are not in the neighborhood, check out the photos and details online at  They feature construction photos, floor plans, and you get the chance (daily) to enter their giveaway!  The bedroom below looks so cozy, the lamp is actually made out of paper-mache!

My only complaint…can’t they giveaway a Hybrid SUV instead of the GMC Terrain?? Maybe in 2011…

There are still many people without access to proper recycling facilities. Either they live in an apartment building, condo, or lack curbside pick-up.  Recycling becomes a more challenging endeavor for these folks.  In this case, it is even more important to reuse what “waste” you currently have.  One of the top waste items is paper, and I put together a creative list of ways to reuse paper, in all it’s many forms.

*Paper towel and toilet paper rolls~ kids love playing with these.  Store them in a bag and you are ready to outfit an army!
*Credit card bill envelopes~ most people pay online now, so save your envelopes to reuse for collecting receipts, coupons, and more.
*Paper printouts bound for the trash~ flip them over and let your kids color on them.  They don’t care what’s on the other side.  Or cut it up for your own scrap paper.
*Old business cards~ I stash a couple in my little one’s mini handbag.  She likes to take the cards out and play with them.
*Print on both sides of your paper, you can reuse sheets once you are done with the information.
*Newspaper~ where do I start!  It is a great addition shredded in your compost.  Or, use the comics for wrapping over-sized gifts.  It’s also great packing material, both for rolling items and padding.  You can also create planters out of newspapers for the more crafty kinds.
*Coffee filters~ again, a great addition to the compost or rhododendrons.
*Old Books~ pass them along.  Give them a new life in a new readers hands.  Or donate them to a library or shelter if they are in good condition.
*Magazines~ fly swatter anyone?  I also use the magazine renewal postcards as bookmarks.

What other ways do you reuse paper in your home or office?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

Happy Earth Day everyone!  I feel inspired to make some Green Resolutions for the coming year.

1. Grow an Herb garden on my windowsill.
2. Plant vegetables this spring.
3. Switch to natural face and body products.
4. Buy my first organic fashion item for myself.  Baby girl has lots, but none yet for Mama!

I hope people are inspired by Earth Day to find new ways to overcome being “eco-challenged.”  There are many little things we can do that can help make ourselves healthier, and also the environment we live in.  You can start with the small environment of your own home.  Maybe you be inspired to branch out and green your office, your car, your travel plans, and more.

 Good luck with your own resolutions on this 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

I received a lot of comments about my Plane vs Train post last week, with the last one from a critic of Global Warming.  See below: 
“Carbon footprint is such a stupid concept as is this whole global warming farce. Attacking the idea is like attacking religion.

Here’s a question for the Global Warming advocates: If science has long since proven the existence of several ice ages, why is it that people don’t believe that temperatures are cyclical because of a multitude of reasons (e.g., cyclical solar activity)? The resources being wasted on questionable global warming science is out of whack with the real science.”

My anonymous reader is hot and bothered by the idea of global warming.  I feel I need to share my thoughts on the subject.  Yes, I agree that there is a cyclical pattern to the temperature of our Earth.  Yes, I agree that there is a possibility that we are in a cycle of increasing air and water temperatures.  What I don’t agree with is using this as an excuse to do nothing but further pollute our environment.  What the past several ice ages didn’t face was industrialization, and a rapidly expanding human population.  They didn’t have SUVs on the roadways, bananas in Boston in January, or China.  My feeling is that if there is some truth to the “whack” science of global warming, don’t we owe it to ourselves and our children to try and improve our world?  Why wouldn’t we, especially when there is a chance that all those critics are actually wrong.  What, exactly, do we have to lose?  Pride?  I’m sorry, but no one will remember if the global warming proclaimers were wrong, as they are helping to inspire a host of new industries of renewable resources, smart energy grids and more.  

So, to the critics of global warming, my challenge is this. Why not?  What is the harm in finding ways to produce energy more efficiently, reduce our waste and consumption, and limit the number of miles our food travels to our dinner plates.  Why not?

I occasionally have to travel to New York City from Boston for work.  I wondered which mode of travel has the largest carbon footprint.  The information I found is a little confusing. offered the easiest method of calculating the trip.  For the flight, the carbon offset would cost $0.70.  For the train, $0.90.  (Yes, carbon offsets are really that low)  However, the flight brings me to LGA, which is outside the city, so I have to consider the car ride too.  The car trip would be about $0.08, if I did the calculation correct!

On Terrapass, the calculation was quite different.  The train was clearly the greener choice, using 155 lbs of carbon vs 264 lbs of carbon via a flight.  I’m not sure why the calculations are so different.

The was an interesting experiment, and I’m not 100% certain which mode of transportation has the lowest carbon footprint. In the end, I decided to take the train because it’s a much more pleasant experience these days.  I’m glad I learned how to purchase the carbon offsets, and realized they also fit into my budget.

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