There are still many people without access to proper recycling facilities. Either they live in an apartment building, condo, or lack curbside pick-up.  Recycling becomes a more challenging endeavor for these folks.  In this case, it is even more important to reuse what “waste” you currently have.  One of the top waste items is paper, and I put together a creative list of ways to reuse paper, in all it’s many forms.

*Paper towel and toilet paper rolls~ kids love playing with these.  Store them in a bag and you are ready to outfit an army!
*Credit card bill envelopes~ most people pay online now, so save your envelopes to reuse for collecting receipts, coupons, and more.
*Paper printouts bound for the trash~ flip them over and let your kids color on them.  They don’t care what’s on the other side.  Or cut it up for your own scrap paper.
*Old business cards~ I stash a couple in my little one’s mini handbag.  She likes to take the cards out and play with them.
*Print on both sides of your paper, you can reuse sheets once you are done with the information.
*Newspaper~ where do I start!  It is a great addition shredded in your compost.  Or, use the comics for wrapping over-sized gifts.  It’s also great packing material, both for rolling items and padding.  You can also create planters out of newspapers for the more crafty kinds.
*Coffee filters~ again, a great addition to the compost or rhododendrons.
*Old Books~ pass them along.  Give them a new life in a new readers hands.  Or donate them to a library or shelter if they are in good condition.
*Magazines~ fly swatter anyone?  I also use the magazine renewal postcards as bookmarks.

What other ways do you reuse paper in your home or office?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

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  1. Jason says:

    I use my old paper bags and newspapers (with non-toxic ink) to line the cage of my little sister's bunny's cage. It sucks because I just bought a whole bunch of bins from and they are barely full on garbage days now thanks to your reuse tips :p haha.

  2. Lori Davis says:

    I trade my used books for free on I love that I can list the books I won that I’ve already read, and when someone requests it, I mail it to the person and when they receive it, I get a credit on their site to choose a book I really want! The only thing we pay is for the shipping of the book someone has requested from us, which really is nominal, since we can used Media Mail.

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