Boston’s 2010 Earthfest, sponsored by 92.9 Radio, was a wonderful event.  I took my daughter and met up with a friend and her two kids early on Saturday morning.  We are both interested in organic food and gardening and looked forward to learning something new.  Whole Foods was the primary sponsor of all the “eco” booths.  They were all gathered along the river, and included many vendors that offer their products at Whole Foods.  The local Farmer’s Market community also had a booth with lots of listings for upcoming markets.  (For detailed listing, visit

My two favorite tents were the Whole Food cooking demonstrations and Diaper Lab from Somerville.  The cooking tent offered great treats, including an amazing lobster bisque dip.  I got some great tips on how to mix fresh vegetables with a prepared Mediterranean salad mix for a fresh side dish.  Plus I came home with more reusable grocery totes to replace some of mine that are falling apart.

Diaper Lab‘s tent made the event so much more enjoyable as a parent with a child in diapers.  Not only could I change my child’s diaper in a clean and safe environment, but I got to try some cool eco-wipes.  My friend was also able to nurse in a comfortable space which is so refreshing.  We also signed the petition to get cloth diapers back onto the Ellen show.  Diaper Lab sells not only a variety of cloth diapers, but also helps teach you how to use them.  They are located in Somerville, MA.

Overall, it was a beautiful day and it was great to see a little of the concert on the main stage.  I forgot my phone in the car and I think that helped me slow down and enjoy every minute off strolling through the vendors.  Maybe I’ll make that a new habit over the weekend…

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  1. Salina Gonzales Frazier says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! We had a wonderful time too and loved the opportunity to meet such awesome new friends! At such a big event, we were happy to provide a safe, clean and comfortable place for families with babies to rest!

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