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Blissdom was always the blogging conference I was most curious about as some of my favorite bloggers always attended the event. This year I finally made it and there were wonderful bloggers I got to meet who made the whole event worthwhile and inspiring.

Our picture with Chris Mann and Amber Riley

Our picture with Chris Mann and Amber Riley

I travelled to Blissdom with my friend Nikki, who writes from the heart and has a totally different blog than I do. Together we are able to get a good feeling for the overall conference, both for the writer/photographer and from the business side of blogging. We made our way through BlogHer NYC last summer and throughout the weekend we made lots of comparisons. As a green blogger, I appreciated the sponsors approach to swag at Blissdom. It was just right and (mostly) relevant items. Plus I know now not to just accept things to be nice; it only makes it into the luggage to come home if I think I can use it.

GoGo Squeeze

They have organic options which I didn’t know about! My kids do love these as a treat.

Here are some of the highlights from the trip…


Pink flower RandomRecycling

Nikki taught me how to shoot in manual and I learned about what ISO actually controls. I have a lot to learn, but I’m getting there.


Here I got a lesson in capturing motion.



The weather was freezing in Dallas, just like Boston. Not exactly what we planned for, but it was lovely to enjoy some beautiful flowers inside the atrium at the Gaylord Texas.

Scott Stratten

His opening keynote was so jammed pack with tips that I wrote a whole post about it.

John Michael Morgan

I love talking about branding and being true to your message. As a healthy living blogger, it would be strange for me to partner with McDonald’s. Be consistent with your brand message. John Morgan said, “the only difference between you and your competition is your brand.”

Wendy Scherer

Wendy provided some interesting tools and tips to represent your blog statistics in a creative manner. My big takeaway is to create a page where I share quotes from the brands I have worked with in the past so future brands understand my commitment to providing a quality blogger/brand relationship experience.

Jeff Goins

While I don’t typically consider myself a writer, I guess that really is what I am doing here in this space as I share commentary, recipes and stories. My favorite quote from Jeff, “Just because it happened doesn’t make it interesting.”

Better Life Bags Random Recycling

Handmade Marketplace

This was a wonderful opportunity to help support small businesses, social good business and just enjoy some cool new items. My sister is the lucky one who will get a beautiful gift I found at the market. I liked it so much from Better Life Bags I may just have to order myself one.

Minimalist Parenting Random Recycling

Me and fellow Boston Parent Blogger Christine Koh, co-author of Minimalist Parenting


Jon Acuff

Jon’s love for the Blissdom Conference experience is just sweet. He knows how to talk to this audience, which certainly had a Chri

stian influence in it. He was kind enough to share his newest book with us, and I’m going to share it with you!

Two lucky readers will get a copy of Jon’s new book, Start: Punch Fear in the Face, Escape Average and Do Work that Matters.

To enter to win, please just leave a comment here sharing your Blissdom experience, comments about a blog conference you have attended or just say hello! Contest will be open until April 5th. US residents only, winner will be notified via email and will have 48 hours to confirm their address.

Thanks to all my friends, old and new, who made Blissdom a fun and relaxing experience. The pace was much slower than I expected, but at 30 weeks pregnant, it was probably just right for me!


My head is still swimming a bit from all the new information and people I learned from over my time at Blissdom last week. There were speakers, workshops, and great conversations at lunch. The highlight of the weekend though was the kick-off keynote speaker, Scott Stratten. I couldn’t write about Blissdom until I wrote about what I learned from Scott’s motivating talk.

Scott Stratten Blissdom RandomRecycling

  1. Brands shouldn’t just be awesome to influencers, they should be awesome to everyone.
  2. Marketing is not a task, it’s a verb.
  3. Knowledge plus passion equals profit.
  4. Don’t treat Twitter as a broadcasting tool. It should be about 75% replies.
  5. The secret to social is to be social.
  6. Branding happens in real-time. Don’t get burned by not having alerts set up to see if someone is talking about your business.
  7. Humanize your brand.
  8. The best time to post is when you have something to say.
  9. Pinterest works because of passion, not profit.
  10. Don’t use technology because you can, use it because you should.

Scott knew his audience was filled with bloggers and social influencers at many different levels. I appreciated his passion for making businesses better, while making sure his ideas are practical and thoughtful to a wide audience. If I get the chance to hear him again, I will jump on it.

In the meantime, you can find Scott on Twitter and I’m just getting started reading his book The Book of Business Awesome / The Book of Business UnAwesome. I’ll share a little more about the overall Blissdom experience in my next post.

This is My First Bliss!

This week I’ll be enjoying some fun (and hopefully some sun) in Dallas for the 2013 Blissdom Conference. It’s a blogging/social media conference primarily for women. There will be green bloggers, food bloggers, photography bloggers, craft bloggers, and bloggers who don’t really subscribe to a specific theme. I’m excited to visit with old friends and meet others I’ve talked with only online. Networking is one of the best things about a blogging conference. If anyone heading to Blissdom is attending their first conference, just keep your eyes and ears open for new conversations to join. Your new friends just may become your partner in some new endeavor.

If you are visiting Random Recycling for the first time, you can learn more about me here. I’m a green blogger, but my real passion is cooking healthy meals for my family. You can find my weekly meal plans here and some favorite recipes here. I try to mix in our stories of sustainable living in the modern world alongside product reviews and giveaways. I often put my kids to work in the garden or kitchen, so you will see some pictures of them included here. They keep me on my toes and I love them to pieces. I’ll miss them and my husband during my time away in Texas.

Emily RoachYou will be able to spot me at Blissdom with my sidekick Nikki from Days with Us, plus our other friends from Boston Parent Bloggers.

Oh, and I’m 29 weeks pregnant. Please don’t tell me to sit down, but do remind me to drink more water.

See you in Dallas!


Customized Mini Business Cards

In two weeks I’ll be enjoying some time away from home at Blissdom, one of the bigger blogger conferences of the year.  It kicks off blogger conference season for many people and one of the few things on the “must-pack” list is business cards. Whether you are a new blogger or a veteran, business cards are key for handing out to new contacts and businesses.  Today I’m partnering with to offer you $250 worth of products, including business cards, to get you ready for a blog conference. Not a blogger? Use the giveaway to order fun product labels for food gifts, order baby announcements, office organization supplies and more. And yes, 123Print has recycled business cards to choose from.

Customized Food Labels


If you are creating your blogging business cards for the first time, what you should include?  Here is my list of what to include and what is optional.

  • Your Name
  • Blog Name/Tagline
  • Email Address
  • Blog Website Address (skip the http:// part, and make an effort to ditch the “ or portion)
  • Blog Facebook Page Address
  • Twitter Handle
  • Pinterest, Google +, Instagram address are all optional
  • Phone number is optional
  • Personal Photo is optional, but helpful for others when they meet hundreds of people at a conference
  • QR code with a link to your media kit is optional.

It’s important for your card to highlight your personal brand and what makes you unique. However, you don’t want it to be cluttered. White space is golden so people can make notes on the card to refer back to when they are at home sorting through their collection. Also, skip the swirly lettering that is challenging to read. Make the card creative, but user-friendly.

Organize Business Cards

In terms of organizing business cards, I had success with packing small snack size zippered bags for each day of the conference. At the end of each day, I added the cards to a bag. When I wanted to go back and find a card it was easier for me to remember when and where I met them, and then refer back to that day’s bag. Second, people I know pack a large binder ring and a hole punch. They punch the cards daily and add them to a ring. For more blogging tips, you can follow my Pinterest board here.

Business Card Giveaway

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Disclosure: I did not receive anything for this giveaway, just wanted to share with my readers as it’s a great value!