Blendtec Blender and Stonyfield Yogurt Giveaway

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Sometimes as a blogger you just get lucky. You meet the right people at the right time. One of those meetings was with the people from Stonyfield Yogurt. I love their company’s commitment to organic food and creating healthy products for kids. When we don’t make our own yogurt, we buy organic Stonyfield. My kids are huge fans of the YoKids yogurt tubes, which I can’t make myself. When my friends at Stonyfield said I could review the new Stonyfield Blends yogurt I was excited. Then they said I would also get a Blendtec blender. Oh, my.  I was giddy with excitement to test out the blender.

A happy Stonyfield customer

The yogurt arrived first. My kids think it’s normal to get yogurt delivered to their door. I still think it’s really cool! There was a big fuss as the kids picked out which Stonyfield Blends yogurt flavor to test out first. It’s fruity yogurt, without all clumpy “fruit on the bottom” flavoring of the past. No high fructose corn syrup or artificial food dyes either.  Each flavor was a success in our house, plus I used one of the French Vanilla cups to flavor our homemade yogurt. It was delicious.

Blendtec blender green smoothie

The smoothies we created with the Blends yogurt made us fall in love with the Blendtec. Our old blender was fine, but it doesn’t make smooth smoothies like the turbo powered Blendtec Wildside blender. No more ice chunks, no more leafy spinach in each cup. We have made some with and without yogurt, depending on the recipe. The pumpkin smoothie made with the French Vanilla Blends yogurt is my favorite so far. (Here is the recipe post!) The coolest thing is getting the kids to drink green smoothies. Green veggies are hit or miss at the dinner table so it feels great to see them drink up a spinach smoothie and ask for seconds.

Healthy Pumpkin Smoothie

Stonyfield wants to celebrate the launch of the new Blends yogurt line by giving one of my readers the opportunity to enjoy a case of the new yogurt AND a new Blendtec Blender, valued at $455!! 

Blendtec Blender and Stonyfield Yogurt Giveaway

The giveaway will be open until midnight Feb 18th. US residents only. Winner will be notified via email. Please enter using the form below.

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Disclosure: I was provided the blender and yogurt to help facilitate this review as part of my participation in the Stonyfield Clean Plate Club campaign, focused on providing healthy recipes for families. This in no way influenced mine, or my children’s, opinions shared here.  

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  1. Katie says:

    One thing I like to use the blender for is to make a mix that I use for popsicles. But would love to make smoothies!

    • Gail says:

      We love Stonyfield Yogurt!

      I don’t own a blender, but my mom has been recommending I get one so we can make home made smoothies.

  2. Joanna says:

    I use our blender to make baby food and to puree spinach and kale to use in my famous (in my house at least) Kale Bread…except our blender just broke and our food processor’s engine just died, so I’m crossing my fingers to win this BlendTec!

  3. Lori Davis says:

    WHEN my husband isn’t using it to make his protein shakes, I like to use it for smoothies, blender ice cream, pureed veggies, etc. Our blender is well-loved and we sure could use a new one! 🙂

  4. Nikki | Days With Us says:

    I am in love with making green juices and smoothies for myself and our family. The Blendtec Blender would be used more than I can possibly express. We also love and enjoy Stonyfield Yogurt; it is a staple in our house. Hooray for whoever wins this giveaway {maybe it will be me}.

  5. Christy says:

    The blender looks fantastic and I look forward to trying out the new yogurts. I’m a big fan of Stonyfield too!

  6. Julia Magnusson @ It's Not Like a Cat says:

    I make smoothies all the time, but since I like to throw in nut and kale leaves and such, my smoothies are always fibrous, chunky, leafy…my kids often won’t drink them. So to be able to make a healthy smoothie I don’t have to chew?? I’d love a Blendtec!

  7. Christine S says:

    I’ve heard such amazing things about this BlendTec blender — I’m most looking forward to green smoothies (I hear this handles this brilliantly!) and nut butters — or making fresh coconut flour! *swoon* *swoon*

  8. Haley Ash says:

    Smoothies and baby food! Also , I love to make my own hummus and it works perfect in a blender!


  9. Erin N says:

    Wow – what a great giveaway! I LOVE Stonyfield yogurt and use it in my smoothies every day. But I have a terrible blender. Would absolutely love to have a blendtec to make life so much easier.

  10. Sarah M. says:

    I make a smoothie every single morning for breakfast, but it is never smooth. Always chunky. I would love to have a Blendtec for smoothies, soups, and nut butters. And let’s not forget ice cream!

  11. Maxanyamom says:

    Wow! My blender is barely adequate for making smoothies and I’ve wanted a new one for 2 years. The Blendtec brand is what I’ve been ogling…but the price! If we win this contest, I will be eternally grateful, as will the kids when they get awesome smoothies do drink BEFORE they have mostly melted! Thank you for the chance!

  12. Debbie Welchert says:

    I use to love making malts for my grandchildren but my blender died. I have always wanted to make smoothies they sound so good.

  13. Jean F. says:

    I would use it to make homemade almond milk, then after I dried out the almond pulp, I would use it again to make almond flour1

  14. Rachel Anderson says:

    Strawberry & Banana Smoothies is what we use are blender mostly for…but also to smooth out salsa.

  15. Jennifer Adler says:

    Smoothies baby! My favorite is frozen banana, almonds, water, and fruit (and for the kids I’ll sneak some greens in!).

  16. Shanna says:

    My kids love smoothies! We make them all the time to use up bananas that are too ripe to eat (or so the kids say!)

  17. Andrea J says:

    I just found this website recently and have LOVED it! Thanks for your hard work. I lvoe green smoothies with spinach and kale.

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