As the temperature rises, cooking in a hot kitchen just isn’t fun. Some nights you just want to skip using the oven or stove for dinner, and maybe it’s even too hot to grill outside. You might need something a little lighter, more refreshing, and healthier, of course. For those times, look to these recipes to help you out. None of these requires you to heat anything up, yet all are still full of the nutrients your body needs to feel its best.

  1. Chicken and guacamole tortilla roll-up
  2. Gazpacho
  3. Open face tuna salad on whole grain bread
  4. Huge chopped salad (farm share!) with feta and nuts/seeds  (from Julia M.)
  5. White bean and roasted chicken salad
  6. Shrimp salad-grab shrimp cocktail from the store and layer on your favorite greens.
  7. Minty chickpea salad with couscous (okay, so you need to heat up a cup of water in the microwave for the couscous. I think you can handle it.)
  8. Veggie/hummus/hard boiled egg/pita/tabbouleh platter  (from Cerissa L.)
  9. Arugula, Italian tuna and white bean salad
  10. Thai beef rolls 
  11. Watermelon steak salad
  12. Cucumber avocado soup
  13. White bean caprese salad
  14. Southwestern salad with black beans, shredded cheddar, avocado, romaine and tomatoes
  15. Sesame lime chicken salad
  16. Smashed white bean and avocado club, mash cannellini bean beans on whole grain bread, top with avocado, tomato and sprouts.
  17. Antipasto plate with marinated olives, chickpeas, prosciutto and cheese
  18. Shrimp ceasar salad
  19. Lobster or crab roll
  20. Waldorf chicken salad – use rotisserie chicken: chop chicken, grapes, walnuts and combine. Mix with a little greek yogurt or mayo.
  21. Curried tofu salad
  22. Tuna or chicken salad stuffed into a pepper or tomato
  23. Picnic in a glass

What are your favorite no-cook meals? Drop a note in the comments below. 

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