As it gets colder outside, I find myself spending more time indoors evaluating my living space.  Is there too much clutter, despite trying to purge things we no longer need?  Is my kitchen organized enough to help me stay prepared for the holiday baking season?  I listened to a couple of podcasts recently about organizing, and they helped remind me of a few things.

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1. Taking time to organize your things will eventually help you save time on a daily basis.  I heard a quote recently that the average mom spends at least one hour a day looking for things at home.  I could certainly use that hour back…I spent too much time trying to find a missing red child’s slipper this week, only to find it in my laundry bin.
2. Staying organized helps you save money.  I think is so important and especially key when it comes to reducing your monthly food budget.  If my refrigerator gets out of control, I inevitably spend too much money because I end up with duplicates of items I already own.  When I clean out my fridge prior to making my weekly grocery list, I find I am able to stay within my budget without having to forgo any favorites.
3. By reducing clutter, you save “green” energy.  Two ways I look at this…the first is I actively manage what I’m buying for food products and can avoid tossing spoiled products.  The second thing relates to our proclivity to consumerism, and by selectively choosing what I spend my money on, I’m better able to keep out excess stuff in the home that may eventually become trash.

I think my next project needs to be getting better organized with my closets. Anyone have any favorite tips or storage ideas?  Which room do you need to tackle next to help you feel more organized?

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  1. Christy says:

    Great post Emily! That was the focus of last weekend for me and it felt great! Still lots to do but making bags of bags of things to donate and actually dropping them off uncovered so much needed room! I learned this week that some dry cleaners will donate FOR you and give you a receipt and clean everything before they send it away. Worth inquiring if a dry cleaner in your area does that as it feels good to know you are giving clean, pressed things without having to take extra time and $. Dependable Cleaners in Brookline will take books, electronics even too!

  2. Carolina says:

    More reasons that staying organized is a good thing. I've always tried, because an organized space helps me feel calmer and more in control. But here are several great reasons for me to try even harder!

    Thanks for the reminder.
    Visiting from LBS

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