My daughter LOVES her yogurt snacks, especially the Yobaby line of products from Stonyfield Yogurt.  I like them because they are rBGH-free, but I don’t like that I can’t recycle them with my normal plastic.  They were made from #6 plastic and required either trashing them or a special trip to a different recycling location.

Today I learned that Stonyfield is updating their packaging for the YoBaby line to a plant-based plastic. Plant based plastics use less energy and emits 48% less greenhouse gases than polystyrene.  I am really excited over this little change, however, I still can’t recycle or compost this package.  It can only be recycled in Wisconsin…or Belgium.

I wish I had the time to make our own yogurt and truly cut down on our consumption of packaging, but until then, I am happy our little YoBaby cups are made from more sustainable materials.

Anyone have a craft project they would suggest to reuse old yogurt cups?

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