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referral_badge-e21a0bf93c2d04d285ba89d2d14d8cb0If I’m not cooking with my kids, you can often find us at the craft table working on some kind of project. Sometimes it’s free play with the supplies we have on hand, and other times we work through specific craft activities. We received Kiwi Crate craft boxes for the past few months and I was ready to see what else is out there. When I was in Philly, I met the Wummelbox, a multi-craft box geared towards kids ages 3-8. My sample box arrived pretty quickly and the kids couldn’t wait to get started.

What is a Wummelbox?

Wummelbox craft

Each craft box arrives at your doorstep with 3-4 creative projects to work on with your kids, all fitting a particular theme. Depending on their age, some need lots of supervision while other projects can be done independently. My kids are 4 and 2 so I sit in between them to work on our little masterpieces.

The first thing that excited me about the Wummelbox is the projects are wrapped separately. The Kiwi Crates are slightly sorted but my kids usually pull one thing out and then it’s all jumbled together. I liked being able to take one project out at a time, depending on how much time I have available to devote to “craft” time.

Madison was happy when she saw a new package with scissors. Although it’s her third pair, she was happy because they were pink. Usually there are more gender neutral colors, we just got lucky with the pink pair!  I appreciate the extra scissors because we now have  more craft supplies for play dates.

Wummelbox Music and Sound

Wummelbox uses eco-friendly materials when appropriate, plus they try to incorporate the packaging into a craft. I like having less waste to deal with during clean-up time. The only negative I found with the first box we reviewed, Music and Sound Box, is the number of small pieces. Not a big deal for the bigger kids, but when I have baby #3 crawling around, I’ll have to be more diligent about keeping the tiny metal balls and mini magnets on the table.

Wummelbox is one of those lovely subscription services where you can sign up for as much or as little as you would like. I think the subscriptions make great gifts, especially from the grandparents.

  • Try a Wummel, 1 month subscription $34.95
  • Little Wummel, 3 month subscription $24.95/month
  • Big Wummel, 12 month subscription $19.95/month

Want to try out the Wummelbox? Enter to win a box that will be delivered to your door. Use the rafflecopter below to enter, giveaway closes on May 20, 2013. Winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize. US residents only.

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Disclosure: I was provided a 3 month subscription to Wummelbox to help facilitate my review here. I look forward to testing out these boxes with the kids once the new baby arrives. It will be great to have an activity project ready to go, especially if we have a rainy summer day and we are stuck inside. All opinions shared here are my own.

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  1. Jodi R. says:

    We love to build things with cardboard boxes. Imaginatiosn run wild and we keep busy for hours.

  2. Katie says:

    I am always looking for ways to get G interested in art projects, and these look like fun.

  3. Michelle Proper says:

    My 2 Grandson’s and I love to make cards out of scrapbooking items for different family occassions. They love crafting and it shows in their beautiful creative little artwork!

  4. Alvina Castro says:

    favorite craft projects involve painting and being outside. Simple and easy but fun!

    • Emily Roach says:

      What a great idea Jim! I need to remember this as an activity with my four year old daughter. ~Emily

    • Emily Roach says:

      I totally think baking counts as “crafting”! We do most of our creative work in the kitchen in our house. ~Emily

  5. Andrea says:

    I’m a big fan of handprint/finger paint activities. My kids would say anything that involves scissors. : )

    • Emily Roach says:

      My daughter loves painting too, I just don’t do it too often because of the mess. Now that it’s nice I try to set it up outside.

  6. Amy B says:

    My son just discovered glue sticks. He is 2 1/2 and can sit and focus until he has used up the whole glue stick…just gluing squares of paper onto a page.

    • Emily Roach says:

      My kids both LOVE glue sticks. I try to contain them to their craft table, otherwise I find a lot of random things glued together in the playroom! ~Emily

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