Weekly Meal Plan June

We have just two more weeks to cook in our family kitchen. A part of me is excited to head off to the beach and take a step back from planning. The other part of me looks around and sees all the food we have left in the house and gets slightly overwhelmed. I guess I’ll be having a donation party in the near future! I also discovered that you can often have your local food pantry come pick up any unopened goods that are appropriate for donation. Great tip for people moving or clearing out for the summer months.

Weekly Meal Plan June

On to this week’s meal plan…

Sunday: Grilled chicken over fresh lettuce from the garden. Topped with red onions, avocado and cucumbers. Finally found a quick and easy ranch dressing recipe in Brown Eggs and Jam Jars. I could eat this dinner once a week for a good long while.

Monday: Roasted shrimp topped with feta and cilantro. Using up some pasta on the side plus more salad (and ranch dressing.)

Tuesday: Chicken Teriyaki Kabobs (last week’s kabob recipe was a HUGE hit-double the recipe), with orzo and green beans.

Wednesday: Quiche with whatever veggies are left in the fridge to use up. If I had extra time, I would make this Carmelized Pear and Blue Cheese quiche. Maybe in the fall…

Thursday: End of School Year Picnic!

Friday: Pizza night

Chicken Teriyaki Kababs

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