I love collecting glass jars, in all shapes and sizes.  I even keep extras on hand of spaghetti sauce or coconut oil jars.  There are so many uses for them, both in and out of the kitchen.  One way I found to help organize them is to create chalkboard labels.  This works great for items you put in the freezer and want a quick label that can be reused over and over again, just like the jars.

Step One: Wash your jar and dry thoroughly.

Step Two: Use paint to create the shape you want on the jar.  (masking tape or blue painter’s tape both work fine.)

Step Three: Apply two coats of chalkboard paint to the jar. Allow to let dry in between coats.  Remove tape once it’s dry.

I use these jars in the kitchen and also in my craft storage area.  I have one for buttons and another for ribbons so far.  Chalkboard paint can be found at your local craft store, paint store, or on Amazon.  My advice, a little goes a long way so buy a small amount.  (Or paint a whole cabinet, like I did.)

What would you put in your jars?

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