You may have heard me mention I was eating my frogs this week.  You may have thought I was a little crazy after the holiday hoop-la.  You are probably a little right.  At the start of the new year, I love the fresh start it provides.  With an over abundance of organizing articles in magazines, the clutter free tabletops after the Christmas decorations are put away, and a need to settle in for winter, I love having a new challenge to tackle.

One Bite at a Time is providing this challenge in a way that is simple and understandable.  It’s written by Tsh Oxenreider, the founder of Simple Mom. (my favorite site!) In it is a collection of bite size tasks to help get your life in order, from starting the day off right to getting more quality time with your spouse. And no, grocery shopping together is not quality time. You have the flexibility to follow along weekly, as there are 52 ideas to put into action.  Or, if you are super motivated, you can tackle more when your schedule allows for it.

I’m following along with Katie and her fans at Kitchen Stewardship.  She is chronically her tasks on Facebook, where you can also join in the conversation.  I have already gotten some additional goods ideas on how to get started.

Now back to the frogs…Eat Your Frog is a concept where you tackle the hardest thing on your list once you start the day.  The goal is for this task on your to-do list, at work or at home, to be checked off and everything after that seems a little easier to manage.  On Day 1, my frog was to clear off our dining room table.  It’s the first thing everyone sees when they come into the house and it bothers me when it gets messy and cluttered.  With a high chair and booster seat also at the table, you can imagine how messy under the table it is too.

Here is what I realized by tackling this project.
1. It’s easier to clean it up right away.
2. The clear space gave me a place to fold laundry, which is usually Frog #2.
3. It was much more relaxing to bring out the next meal to a clear table.

It you want to follow along, you can download the One Bite at a Time ebook here.  It’s only $5 and offers the potential to save you loads of time and money in the long run.  A couple of topics coming up that I’m excited to read are about menu planning and creating a morning routine.  After the lovely holiday break, I realized that I function better with a routine.

Order your copy today for Kindle, Nook or PDF.

What do you think? Want to join in?  One last organizing note…if you love new calendars and free organizing lists, check out The Nest Effect. I’m enjoying reading through her organizing posts for fun storage ideas.

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