Oh the sweet days of summer.  It’s nearly here.  School is letting out, the days are getting longer and there is just so much to enjoy during the relaxing days ahead.  Summer has always been my favorite season.  It’s beach season.  The beach makes me happy.  Plain and simple.

Occasionally we do leave the beach and like to check a few things off our favorite lists.  This year I’m sharing our Summer Bucket List with all of you.  I find this may hold me accountable for doing some of these things, especially the news ones for us.  Lots of free, frugal, healthy and fun activities for the whole family.

  • Make our own ice cream
  • Eat fried clams at the Causeway
  • Go lobstering with my dad
  • Do at least one Free Fun Friday activity
  • Make Madison a dress
  • Make hamburger buns
  • Bake a blueberry pie
  • Boozy Popsicles (thank you Tracy @Shutterbean.com)
  • Read two books.  50 Shades of anything doesn’t count.
  • Evening on the beach with friends
  • Hit the Cape Ann Farmer’s Market. Also has the best playground ever.
  • Paint with the kids outside
  • Find a cute one piece bathing suit
  • Breakfast at Sugar Magnolia’s
  • Make something with our summer sand dollars.
  • Eat more local food
  • Spend a weekend offline.  Yes…me…really.
  • Find a sangria recipe
  • Go antiquing with a friend and NO kids.
  • Do at least 10 new things on the 100 List of Free activities.
Love this summer printable from Cooking for My Kids
I’m going to try and keep myself accountable for a few of these things by using DailyFeats.  I created a Summer Bucket List with many of the goals above. I can track what my goals are, score points for completing them then trade in the points to make a donation or put it towards a gift card.  They can send you reminders for things like “drink water,” as I bet many of don’t remember to drink enough like me! Check them out here and you can get 100 starting points by using the code: RandomRecycling100. There is also an iPhone app (Android coming) and I find myself using that more often.  Check it out and tell me which stamp design is your favorite!

Now it’s your turn.  What is on your bucket list for the summer?

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4 replies
  1. Yasmine says:

    awesome, its looking great, I have never done a summer list, i have this insanely long one, but perhaps I should make a summer one too 🙂

    Looks your in for an awesome summer 🙂

  2. Christie says:

    I share "Eat more local food" and "Spend a weekend offline" with you. Using DailyFeats as a reminder is a great idea. I should start using it as well because I'm always forgetting to take down the washed clothes from a clothes line after doing the washing. My list contains a few inspirational summer tips for green living. I've already checked "DIY clothes line", now I'm ready to make my own grass sofa for my guests to sit on, and get a fly repelent in the shape of a drop.

  3. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says:

    I’m so glad I am not the only one starting to think of Summer activities! We do a bucket list each year. One of my favorite things we like to do is experience something that is quintessentially our city or region. Love learning more about where we call home.

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