As a blogger who gets to review a lot of really fun stuff, sometimes I get products that are intriguing, but I’m not totally excited to try it.  Case in point, an herbal first aid spray.  No one really wants to have to use a first aid spray, yet there seems to be many opportunities to test it out lately.

I received the Omyst organic healing first aid spray just before I had a freckle biopsied on my foot.  Anyone that knows me knows that I get at least 1-4 freckles checked out every year since I have a history of skin cancer on both sides of my family.  The minor surgery involved for biopsies or a full excision is not a big deal to me, but the recovery time is always very bothersome to me.  My skin HATES band-aids, tapes, etc. You name it and I’ve tried it.  My skin gets irritated to the point where I have blisters wherever the bandage was applied.  I hope this explains why I was actually excited to test out the Omyst.

After the surgery, I had to leave the bandage on for 24 hours.  After the first shower, I sprayed the Omyst.  It did sting a little, but it sensation didn’t last long as it does have analgesic properties.  I left my foot out to air dry, probably about five minutes before one of my children needed me.  I kept up with spraying the Omyst over the stitches for the next two weeks.  For the first time, I didn’t get the horrible reaction I usually get with band-aids, despite still using them while I had stitches.  Omyst recommends leaving the wounds open to the air, but that just doesn’t work with stitches and the need for socks in November.

Thankfully, this freckle was benign so I didn’t have to go through the ordeal all over again.  (Stiches in your foot is no picnic.)  Next year when I have my annual dermatology appointment, at least I’ll be prepared.  Since the surgery, we have tried the Omyst for a variety of scratches and cuts.  Since there is a sting factor, I don’t recommend using this on little kids when they first cut themselves.

Omyst is made with organic calendula, yarrow, plantain and wild roses.  It’s a non-toxic spray that now has a home in my diaper bag.

You can purchase Omyst online at their Store, or enter in your zip code to find a retailer closest to you.
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Disclosure: I was provided a sample of the Omyst organic healing first aid spray.  This did not influence my opinion shared here.