Kids Artwork as Wrapping Paper

 I do love wrapping Christmas every year, as long as I don’t leave it till the end.  The need to ship so many gifts this year has kept me on track by making a dent in my wrapping progress.

Newspaper as Wrapping Paper

I like to use a variety of materials for wrapping gifts, including the two shots above.  The first is my daughter’s painting from school, embellished with red baker’s twine

The second is newspaper, which works best if you find a piece with lots of type on it, not colorful advertisements. I got the idea last year and wrote a
post about it, which included some amazing gift tags as well. Maybe next year I’ll have time for that. 

There are some other awesome packaging idea on Pinterest.  I started a board of my favorites for embellishing brown paper packages. Let me know if you have any favorite pictures and leave a link in the comments.

Happy Wrapping!
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