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National Nutrition Month Babbleboxx

March is an extra special month as it’s National Nutrition Month AND my birthday. It’s a sign I tell you! You know my passion is to educate others about how to choose well when it comes to the food you buy for your family. There are so many choices available, and sometimes it’s easier to have someone else highlight a few new choices.

Action for Healthy Kids (AFHK)

I love learning about nonprofits that help support children’s nutrition. Getting kids outside and active is so important for their physical AND emotional health. Action for Healthy Kids is a nonprofit bringing together educators and families to create healthier schools and communities, supporting the physical and emotional health of children. Through their new Take Action for Healthy Kids campaign, the organization is encouraging parents and caregivers to take 200,000 actions for healthier kids in 2020, from participating in healthy programs at your school to taking steps as a family to improve nutrition, physical activity and well- being at home.

Action for Healthy Kids

  • One in three children is overweight, or obese, in our country.
  • 76% of parents say they have improved their own habits based on something their child told them about health and well-being, which is another reason why it’s so important children learn about health and nutrition at school.
  • Joining the movement at Commit to Take Action for Healthy Kids by March 31, 2020 and be entered to win a healthy taste test kit to host a fun and tasty nutrition education activity for students at your child’s school. (valued at $175) If you do one thing for National Nutrition month, sign up for your kid’s school to win.

Beetology Juice

Beets are incredibly beneficial for our body, but so messy to cook! This versatile veggie is packed with vitamins and minerals associated with lowering blood pressure, fighting inflammation, increased stamina, detoxification support, boosting immunity, and much more. For National Nutrition Month, you just can’t “beat beets.” 

Beetology cold pressed juice national nutrition month

I love finding new ways to incorporate beets into my routine, just like in my Red Velvet Smoothie recipe. But sometimes, it’s even easier for a grab and go option that Beetology has created! Here are some of the benefits:

  • 100% organic cold-pressed juice
  • Real food ingredients, no preservatives or additives, no artificial colors or flavors


GOODTO GO Keto Snack Bars

One of the most common questions I get with my coaching clients is, “what’s the best snack bar?” I have to say it’s a personal choice…crunchy, soft, salty, sweet. What’s your favorite way to feel satisfied, and then we can find your perfect snack bar.

Goodto Go Keto Snack Bar

If you love a softer bar (kinda like a brownie!) then try the GOODTO GO snack bar. This bar is keto-friendly, and a quick way to eat something without a blood sugar spike.  Swap out the bagel and grab a GOODTO GO snack bar. My favorite is the Mint Chocolate and anything chocolate. 

  • They contain low net carbs (3 grams/bar), just a hint of sugar (2 grams/bar) and a whopping 13 grams of healthy fats.
  • Keto certified by the Paleo foundation
  • Non-GMO project certified

Healthy Choice Power Dressings

Salads make our table most nights as I want our kids to be very familiar and comfortable with this simple, yet nourishing side dish. One way to keep things exciting is new dressings. Healthy Choice Power Dressings add delicious flavors to your salad while keeping it healthy. These Vegetable-Powered Dressings are made with real vegetables and no artificial flavors, or soy ingredients.

  • Flavorful taste powered by a savory mix of herbs and spices
  • Powerful ingredients without any artificial flavors
  • 45 calories or less per serving (although you know I generally never look at calories)
Healthy Choice Power Dressing
As much as I love the idea of making my own salad dressings, I’m usually short on time and rushing between events to get dinner on the table. Instead, these Power Dressings are a quick alternative. For National Nutrition Month, we cannot talk enough about the importance of getting more plants on our dinner table.



Shipt is a membership-based grocery marketplace, enabling the delivery of fresh foods and household essentials. You know I love delivery to help save time for meal planning. Shipt was new to meal and I am excited to have another resource to cut down on driving around to different stores. 

Shipt grocery delivery


I was able to order from Target and get it delivered SAME DAY. In light of current events, I focused on restocking my cleaning supplies and LOTS of hand soap. With Shipt, I also could order from my local grocery stores, PetCo, or CVS. (check your area to see what you can get delivered!)

  • Shipt is the nation’s fastest-growing online grocery marketplace. They work with leading retailers and local stores to deliver groceries via a community of shoppers and a convenient app.
  • Since its founding in 2014, Shipt has been rapidly expanding and now offers quality, personalized grocery delivery to tens of millions of households across the United States.

Get $50 off an annual Shipt membership by clicking here.


Dessert Hummus from Tribe Hummus

When I first shared my own recipe for chocolate hummus, no one believed there were chickpeas in there! Hummus is one of the best ways to boost your fiber and protein intake. If you are short on time, you have to try the Tribe Dessert Hummus. Plus it’s easy to pack in your kid’s lunch box too for a quick snack.

  • Each flavor has only 5g of sugar per serving
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Free from all major all allergens, including dairy
  • Non-GMO Project verified, Vegan, Gluten-Free, kosher.

National Nutrition Month Tribe Dessert Hummus

My favorite way to serve the dessert hummus is with apple slices. It’s the perfect pair, and apples are another way to get more fiber into our diet. You can also try it with bananas or celery too. Find out if your local store carries Tribe Dessert Hummus.

Happy National Nutrition Month! Think about can you do to upgrade your nutrition just a little bit each day and I promise it will add up over time.
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