Meal plan Oct 28 with autumn salads, freezer meals and halloween!

It’s October and I feel like I’ve written every meal plan this month watching a baseball game. Guess it’s a good thing the Sox are holding on till the end. In addition to baseball, we are excited for Halloween this week and plan to host our neighborhood gathering of princesses, pirates, ghosts and more. We will be serving hot apple cider (possibly wrapped in the WonderBag to keep it warm) and some delicious pumpkin treat. (Did you catch my post on how to make your own pumpkin puree?)

Meal plan Oct 28 with autumn salads, freezer meals and halloween!

Here is what is on the menu this week…

Sunday~ Absolutely Onion Pot Roast (Wildtree freezer meal), egg noodles and roasted red potatoes.

Monday~ Hot Dogs (yes, we eat hot dogs, preferably those from Applegate.) Plus leftovers from Sunday dinner.

Tuesday~ Ribs in the crock pot, corn and maybe some cornbread

Wednesday~ Chicken and Artichokes (Wildtree freezer meal for slow cooker) rice and snow

Thursday~ Autumn chopped salad and grilled cheese. (Easy make ahead meal for Halloween night!)

Friday~ Pizza night with homemade pizza dough in the bread machine

Saturday~ Mom’s night away so there are homemade chicken nuggets frozen and ready to go, plus some chopped raw veggies with dip.

For more inspiration, see my past menus here, or the Pinterest board here, or OrgJunkie for a link-up of meal plans.

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    • Emily Roach says:

      Me too! They are even better now that I don’t overcook them. I tend to take an hour or two off most recipes now for red meat and they have more flavor.

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