Happy Monday everyone! As I prepare my meal plan for the week, I’m also shopping for my groceries.  In my pajamas. How many of you do your food shopping online?  I tend to do it about once a month when I need to restock some basics, or there are lots of great deals at my local store.  Then I can fill in with quick trips to the farmers market or Trader Joe’s. I showed my grandmother my high tech meal planning/online grocery shopping strategy.  She did me one better and said she did meal planning for her family of ten because they only had one car.  Wow.

Here is what’s on deck this week…

Corn Chowchow by Johnny Autry via Cooking Light

Monday~ Chicken Tostadas and Homemade Salsa
Tuesday~ away, but preparing to bake cookies, a breakfast casserole and lots of healthy beach snacks for a little trip.
Wednesday~ Grilled lamb (loin, I think?) with mushroom and zucchini kebabs.  I got the lamb at the farmers market and I was told it is great on the grill with just a little olive oil, salt and pepper.
Thursday~ Corn chowchow.  Pasta with homemade pesto. {meatless}
Friday~ Pizza night with whatever is growing in the garden.

Chicken Tostadas via Cooking Light

This past week I’ve been reading the new ebook Easy. Homemade from Mandi Ehman at Life Your Way.  I’m a big fan of making your own pantry staples and this is a really easy reference guide.  Mandi is not a foodie at heart, but she wants to keep the junk out of her family’s diet.  The recipes are easy to understand, generally small batch (like a refrigerator pickle recipe for just one pickle!) and will save you  money in the long run.

The book is on sale till Tues Aug 21st for just $0.99.  After that, it’s still a great deal at $3.99.  Same as a bottle of barbecue sauce… Check out the book and let me know what recipe is your favorite one to test out!

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  1. Nancy says:

    Impressive week plan! I don't order my groceries online but do a major weekly shop with fill in trips, too. I can tell when I haven't planned ahead because my grocery bill skyrockets! I am taking a page from your book and planning my week's meals right now. Thanks for the inspiration. Off to plan…

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