This week’s plan revolves around what I got at the farmers market on Sunday, using our garden harvest, and cleaning out the refrigerator before vacation.  We have TONS of salad greens so we may be having additional side salads all week, plus lettuce on any lunch sandwiches.

The Pioneer Woman Pantry Pasta

Monday~ Pantry Pasta and Broccoli from the market. We will do a meatless version of this recipe.
Tuesday~ Frittata with fresh herbs and sautéed bok choy on the side.  The eggs are from Lawton’s Dairy farm in Foxboro.
Wednesday~Clean Out Refrigerator Night
Thursday~ Veal Chop, also from Lawton’s Farm. Still need to research best way to cook it. Please share if you have a good recipe!
Friday~ Scallops from Globe Fish. Probably keep it simple and pan sear with some EVOO and salt and pepper.  And more salad.

We bought the Keith variety of garlic scapes.

It was garlic scape day at the Neighborhood Farm at the market today.  Did you know there are lots of different varieties of garlic scapes? I used some already in the pesto I made today.  They are also great chopped up and mixed in with scrambled eggs.  Maybe I’ll use some in the frittata this week.

What are you making this week?

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