I found myself adding a lot of comfort foods to the menu this week. I’m planning to make some larger quantity meals that we can freeze for later as I feel like we have a busy couple of weeks ahead.

Sunday- Sweet and Sour Chicken with Rice. This is a new recipe from the Delish menu planning service. Traditional flavoring of pineapple and soy sauce

Monday- Beef Chili. Grass fed ground beef is on sale so I plan to stock up. I’ll freeze a dinner’s worth of the chili.  I will be testing out making the chili in the pressure cooker.  Hope it’s as good as making it in the crock-pot.

Tuesday- “CORN” Clean Out Refrigerator Night.  With a couple of big meals made, I don’t want the leftover to get “left” behind. 🙂

Wednesday- Ash Wednesday so we will be enjoying fish and I’ll be trying to remember to not eat meat at lunch.

Thursday- Roasting a Turkey.  They are on sale this week for $1.29/lb so I’m going to cook one to enjoy turkey dinner, then use the leftovers for sandwiches and/or soup.  I’ll also make some Turkey Broth in the Pressure Cooker.

Friday- Was going to be Sweet and Sour Turkey Meatballs. Nontraditional flavorings of cranberry and orange.  This recipe is from Simple Bites.   After I finished my plan, I remembered it’s Lent.  Somehow I remembered for Ash Wednesday, but not the Friday change.  My guess is I’ll make a meatless pizza on Friday instead and bump the meatballs to Saturday.  Just one more reason why I like my Chalkboard Menu Plan. 

Source: Simple Bites via Pinterest
If something strikes your fancy, let me know and I’ll try to get the recipe posted.
For more menu planning inspiration, check out Stephanie Langford’s e-book Plan It, Don’t Panic.  There are meal plans to choose from, plus helpful tips like creating a “favorite” list to make planning easier.
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