Ask anyone and they will tell you I am a magazine hound.  My reading list includes Body & Soul, Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Fast Company and I could go on and on. Every couple of months, I sort through my piles of magazines, usually because my husband reminds me.  I get paper bags and fill them up with the magazines to be recycled.  A friend in the magazine business told me that a large majority of magazines are not being recycled.  This is a major hurdle we all can help overcome.  Magazines can get recycled in any general paper bin, either in your home or office.  This includes catalogs, and everyone gets too many of those!  While many major magazines are using recycled paper, it’s just as important for us, the readers, to properly recycle them when we are finished.

A new opportunity to further reduce magazine paper use is to consider e-magazine subscriptions. As e-readers become more popular, digital magazine subscriptions are more readily accessible. Check out Zinio to see if your favorite subscription is available.  There are free samples to see if it works for you.  Have an Iphone, get a Zinio app and read your magazine while waiting at the doctor’s office or on the soccer field.  Happy Reading…

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  1. Saving Creatively says:

    Following from MBC! Another tip for recycling magazines is: check with you local women/children shelter. I take mine there every couple of months. They love reading the magazines and instead of recycling right away—the magazine gets a second or a third read. Remember some older boys are in there too–so guys magazines are great too!

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