Mine does, but apparently not many others.  Some sad statistics were presented today by the Boston Globe, noting that there has been very little improvement in the rate of recycling in Mass in the past 10 year.  Some people feel it’s not worth the effort, while others don’t have easy access to recycling facilities.  The article discusses what motivates people to recycle more, and what happens if they don’t.
Here is a link to their article: Boston Globe

Check out the interactive map that shares the historical recycling rates of your town.  I’m proud to say my town, Needham, has increased it’s recycling rates each year, and is quite high at 67% in 2008 vs 37% in 1998.  I believe that when a town charges money for each bag of garbage, it is a great motivator to increase your recycling habits.  Our town also participates in single-stream recycling, which means we don’t have to sort our glass/aluminum/plastic into separate bins.  (Needham still lags behind in my mind since I can’t recycle #4 and #5 plastics at the RTS.)  I know that when we moved here, we had to buy a stacked 3 tier bin to accomodate all the items we started to recycle.  Sorting our paper and recyclables into the bins is part of our life now, and hopefully our town’s rate will continue to increase as more people become aware of the necessity to reuse every day items. 

If you want to learn more about every day items that can be recycled, and general rules of recycling, I like the Earth911 website.  It is a great resource and offers information for your town or city. 

How is your town doing in the race to recycle?  Ask your DPW managers for recycling rates to get a gauge of how much progress is being had in your area.  If you recycle, and your friends do not, share with them your system to help spread the word.  As schools recycle more, children are bringing home recycling ideas to share with their parents.  Hopefully when this study is done again, we will see more progress across the state.

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  1. andrea says:

    Hi, found you from MBC – I was lucky enough to visit MA a few years ago around the Boston area and loved it – very much like Liverpool in many ways, our local councils have recycling targets that they have to meet other wise basically (but they wont admit it !!) our council tax increases – a tax that we pay annually towards the upkeep of the area. We have tried to be a good advocate of recycling as much as we can but admit we can still make improvements – I'vw followed you and hope to get some great tips we can carry out over the pond ! x x x x

  2. Christi says:

    Thanks for coming over to my blog! Ive added yours to my list of blogs to read. This post hit home with me, because our town needs SO much improvement in regard to recycling. Many of us have asked about getting curbside recycling pickup, but have been told "it's too expensive for the city."

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