Back to school Giveaway from Mabels Labels

If you have kids in daycare, preschool and beyond, you know how important it is to label EVERYTHING with their name on it. Even if you are just bringing in your kids to the daycare at the gym you need to label everything, like their shoes. {ask me why I know some time…} We have used Mabel’s Labels since Madison was in daycare and I have passed along clothes to friend’s babies with her name labels still attached. This year you too can get organized for back to school with the Ultimate Back to School combo pack of labels.

Shark Mabels Labels

JJ was the lucky winner of getting to pick out new labels this year. He was excited about the shark logo. I got started using those cute shoe tags to label his new back to school sneakers. His best buddy (or his Mom) picked out the same sneakers as JJ so having a label makes life a little easier.

Don’t forget to label lunch supplies too– lunch boxes, water bottles, reusable bags and an ice pack.

Label those ice packs for the lunch box

Note~ This is our favorite ice pack for the kids lunch. It’s “sweat-free” so it makes clean up at the end of the day a lot neater.

There’s still time to order your favorite set of labels for back to school from Mabel’s Labels. Got big kids? There is a Stylish Scholars combo that may interest them. Are you a blogger? I have seen lots of people use their Skinny labels on their iPhone case, chargers, and water bottles when they are at a blog conference. Just because you are a grown up it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the fun!

Please enter below in the Rafflecopter. You will be able to pick the Ultimate Back to School combo package or the Stylish Scholars combo. Entries will close this Saturday at midnight~~ enter soon!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure~ JJ got a new package of Mabel’s Labels to help facilitate writing this post. All opinions shared here are my own. Some links included are Amazon affiliate links. 

13 replies
  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    We have some of Mabel’s Labels. I label everything that goes out of my house with my boys.

  2. Katie says:

    School supply shopping is way crazier than when I was a kid, when you went shopping for your Trapper Keeper and that was about it. 🙂

  3. Elena says:

    We love Mabel’s Labels! I always enjoyed picking out a new binder – and finding the perfect wrapping paper to wrap my textbooks as I got older.

  4. Jill McHale says:

    I have to have my daughter’s backpack ready to go and clothes picked out the night before. My OCD demands it 🙂 Its a time saver in the morning.

  5. Lara says:

    A folder on the kitchen counter for each child – it’s a place for them to put important papers for me to look at when they unpack their backpacks.

  6. Ida Mae says:

    My oldest starts Kindergarten in a week. These would be super handy as he’ll be in charge of his own stuff much more than in Preschool. I have many fond memories of my own Kindergarten like learning to tie my shoe and to read. I am hoping the same for him.

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