As the holiday season begins, now is the time for holiday parties. Whether or not you are hosting a party, or just a guest, wine is a key element. As a hostess, you are choosing wine that will appeal to most of your guests, while not breaking the bank. As a guest, you may bring wine as a hostess gift and choose something special, while also not breaking the bank. Here is where Likelii comes into play.

If you head over to Likelii, you will find a place to discover new brands of wine to test out. The suggestions are personalized based on what you already like. When I talked to friends about the site, they essentially called it a Pandora for wine, which is exactly right.

When I noted my favorite wine is Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Likelii came back with new wines for me to try.  It gives you the wine name, region and a rating of how likely you are to enjoy it.  I found it fairly accurate since it populated the recommendations with a few wines I have bought before, plus none of the Chilean Sauvignon Blancs that I don’t really care for.

In the blog section of the site, you can find some articles about new wine trends and upcoming wines to try.  This past week, they had recommendations for Thanksgiving wines to try.  You can register for the  site for free and then save the wines to shop for when you are ready.

Here is the best part about Likelii.  At least it is to me since I have two toddlers in tow.  You can order the wine online that you like best and have it delivered to your doorstep. (in most states I should note.) Someone over 21 also has to sign for the wine when it is delivered.  In a town that doesn’t have any liquor stores (at least for a few more months) being able to order wine online for a party, or just to stock up, is a big win for busy moms. You get free shipping when you buy $100 or more. I would like to see the site add some volume discounts, especially if you want to order a case of a certain wine.

Which wine are you most “Likelii” to buy for a party?  My hostess tip, always buy more white than red.  Guests tend to arrive with more reds than whites to share since they are room temp.

Happy wine shopping!

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  1. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh I love this idea being able to shop for wine at home and have it delivered! I think thats great also that you have to show ID! 🙂 I will have to give this a try!

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