I have been working on my holiday gift list for family and friends and thought I would share some of my favorites with all of my readers. This is the first installment of the 2012 Gift Guides.  There will also be one for Mom, one for The Home and one guide of eco-friendly shopping sites.  The first guide is for Toddlers, ages one to four. Some span longer ages which is always great in my book.

The gift guides will also be a sneak peak of some giveaways that will be happening on the blog in the coming weeks…

My daughter is nearly four and loves all things imagination related.  These are some things on her wish list this year.
1. Starlight Pink Canopy from Magic Cabin
2. Kiwi Crates~ order a subscription or order specific “crates” or projects. They currently have some adorable holiday crates available. 
3. Stockmar beeswax crayons.  No wrapper, no mess.
4. Melissa and Doug grocery cart.  

And for the boys…our little guy is nearly two and loves to play with the toys that don’t belong to him.  He really just wants to keep up with his big sister. Here are some favorites on his list.
5. Tiger Headphones– big sister has the Panda bear ones and he LOVES to try them on. I think he will need his own by next summer.
6. One Step Ahead Tool Bench- he plays with a similar one at a friends house. I think he will love it!
7. Push Trike- we have one already and highly suggest it for the one-two year old crowd. Ours is well loved.
8. Llama Llama Time to Share book– we will read this to BOTH children.

9. Urban-Canvas- beautiful craft projects. 
10. Wooden Train Set from Pottery Barn Kids
11. Duralex Glass Dishes from Mighty Nest- this goes into the “need” list. We have one set and love it. The glass really is toddler safe.

This season, I’m going to try to follow this mantra of shopping for the kids:

-Something they want
-Something they need
-Something to wear
-Something to read

What other toddler toys are you a fan of?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Emily – thank you for the recommendation on glass plates, cups, and bowls. I am tired of the many plastic plates, bowls, and cups we have and want to move to something that is safe for the kids. I am buying each a set for the holidays and tossing out the plastic! And they will love the fact that they ar using "adult plates"!
    Jodi R.

  2. Shanna M. says:

    We've had the M&D; shopping cart for 4 years- very sturdy and still played with- I recommend bumpers for the front because it can do some damage to your woodwork/walls when the kids run into them. I love the other suggestions, too!

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