Over the weekend, I was able to get outside for some much needed fresh air.  I had a number of errands to run on Saturday, so my husband and I bundled up our daughter in her stroller for a walk into town.  While it wasn’t that warm outside of Boston, at least the sun was out.  We made our rounds and hit the post office, the jewelers, and did some window shopping.  It made me stop and think about how important it is not to use something, like a car, in our quest to be more eco conscious.  I am guilty of always thinking about using the newest green product instead of first thinking about what I don’t need to use at all.  Not only was I enjoying the fresh air, but I was saving gas and getting exercise too.  Just a nice reminder that sometimes all we need to go green is our own two feet.

The Lost Art of Walking: The History, Science, and Literature of Pedestrianism

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