What a whirlwind.  Blogher 2012 was an amazing experience, but not for the faint of heart.  It’s busy, crowded, fun, and hectic, all while offering 5000 women a chance to learn more about social media.
Here are some pictures and some highs and lows of the event.  Next year it’s in Chicago…maybe, maybe not.

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1. Awesome time with the Needham Mamas, Nikki, Amanda and Lollie. You kept me grounded. Thank you up down and sideways.
2. Building relationships with other Boston Parent Bloggers.  Everyone kept saying they were jealous of our group.
3. Experience talking with brands, both those I like and those I didn’t.
4. Stonyfield event hosted by Lori and Micaela.  Awesome party and so nice to start the event off with other eco-minded bloggers.
5. Seeing Martha Stewart speak and have her walk by me five feet away.
6. Train ride on the Acela was so productive, both there and back. We had our own Geek Bar session for a total of 6 hours.  No waiting lists necessary.
7. Learned about Squarespace, a new blogging platform. Decided it is not for me.
8. Realizing my passion for sharing information to parents to make healthy eating choices for their kids.  Mindstream Academy event and others showed me how important it is to get out this message.
9. My makeover from the beauty expert to the stars, Mickey Williams.

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1. Waiting in line for elevators
2. Waiting an hour line to meet Martha Stewart. Then she only meet with 5 bloggers instead 100 as planned.
3. Getting kicked out of the Vlogging session with Catherine McCord from Weelicious.com. Tiniest room possible picked out for one of the most popular sessions.
4. Seeing all the wastefulness at the conference and hotel.  I never saw one recycling bin the entire event and you know I was looking for them.
5. Excess paper use.  There has got to be a better way to share coupons than needlessly stuffing them in everyone’s bag.
6. Hearing about people skipping out on the Geek Bar sessions they signed up for.  Don’t take a spot if you don’t need it.  Plenty of other people could use it.
7. The “dead pigeon” story.
8. Trying to pack inflated GoGo Squeeze balls for my kids. At least they were happy to receive them.

Thank you to all the many people who made this an amazing experience.  So many great green bloggers, local bloggers and of course, my people.

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8 replies
  1. Charise @ I Thought I Knew Mama says:

    I can't believe we missed each other again! I was only there on Friday, and it just went too fast. ;-(

    I agree with your comments about waste and lack of recycling! I think all of the green bloggers were trying not to have panic attacks seeing all of the waste 😉

  2. Jessica says:

    Recycling would've been such a great thing to do. I'd suggest to BlogHer that they have a sponsor manage recycling next year. Great way to do good, get their name out, etc.

  3. PragmaticMom says:

    I wanted to get into the Vlogging session too. I kicked out of that one AND the google analytics. Oh well! A nice blogger sent me the slides for the vlogging session. Email me and I'll forward it to you (PragmaticMomBlog@gmail.com). Thanks so much for linking up. I'm on the fence about Chicago too!

  4. Brenna @ Almost All The Truth says:

    I was go glad I was able to meet you, even though I think I could have talked with everyone at Stonyfield for many more hours than we had! I was so disappointed in the wastefulness. I can only hope that more attention is paid to even a few simple eco-friendly steps.

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