I have always loved museums, even as a little kid.  There is something so grand about the exhibit halls and the amount of information you can absorb seems endless.  Now I enjoy it when museums have family friendly activities that keep everyone entertained.  The Museum of Science Boston offers a nice blend of grown-up information and hands-on activities for the little ones.

My trip to the Museum of Science coincided with the A Day in Pompeii exhibit, running now through Feb 12, 2012.  First, I had an amazing lunch in their Skyline Function room with a spectacular view of the Charles River on a sunny January day. (After 5 years of being a wedding planner, trust me when I say their food is good!) Afterwards, I got to enjoy a mostly peaceful walk through the exhibit.   Peaceful because my kids were not with me, yet it was clearly a big field trip day for middle-school kids.  The Pompeii exhibit was educational and humbling.  The devastating volcanic eruption in AD 79 buried the Roman city of Pompeii.  The exhibit features amazing archaeological treasures found 1700 years later.  Some of the preserved items are the Statue of Venus (1) and a Water Urn (2) which was made from lead at the time.  There is a room of body casts from the victims of Mount Vesuvius’s eruption.  It was eerie to walk through and see some of the details that have been captured by the plaster molds of the victims (4).
At the end of the exhibit, there was a fun interactive learning area sharing stories of volcanic eruptions around the world, a chance to measure your own earthquake, and a mosaic building area for all ages (2).

While I have fond memories of going to the Museum of Science as a kid to see the giant wave and bring home some astronaut ice cream, I’m happy to say they have moved into the future with amazing exhibits.  I am a believer in giving kids the gift of experiences and some museum passes fit the bill.  To learn more about the museum, you can visit their website http://www.mos.org/.

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Disclosure: I attended a luncheon at the Museum of Science in order to review their current exhibit.  This in no way influenced my opinions shared here.