I am a new fan of e-books.  They appeal to my quest for less paper, less clutter in the house.  Both on my nightstand and in my kitchen.  I have ordered a number of them, including cookbooks, blogging how-tos and   of course, fun fiction.  Some of my favorites are included in this incredible sale of ebooks, plus others that were on my “to-read” list.

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We made Whole Wheat Graham Crackers yesterday which is from Healthy Snacks to Go from Katie Kimball at Kitchen Stewardship.  She came out with two new books this year, Smart Sweets and Everything Beans book, both of which are included in this ebook package.  I ordered this group of ebooks since I know I’m going to get lots of new recipes to test out by an author I already enjoy.

Click here to order all of them for just $29!  It’s a $375 value of books.

Here are ALL of the titles included, in no particular order…

Entrepreneurship & Blogging

Blogger Behave by Laura @ 10 Million Miles ($4.99)
Tell Your Time by Amy @ Blogging with Amy ($4.99)

Food & Cooking

Got Dinner? by Susan @ The Confident Mom ($4.00)
Plan It, Don’t Panic by Stephanie @ Keeper of the Home ($4.99)
Smart Sweets by Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship ($9.95)


Not a DIY Diva by Melissa @ The Inspired Room ($3.99)
One Bite at a Time by Tsh @ Simple Mom ($5.00)
That Works for Me by Kristen @ We Are THAT Family ($8.00)

Marriage & Relationships

A Simple Marriage by Corey @ Simple Marriage ($4.99)
Buck Naked Marriage by Corey @ Simple Marriage ($2.99)
Entangled by Amy @ Permission to Peruse ($4.99)

Minimalism for Families

321-Stop by Lori @ Loving Simple Living ($9.97)

Parenting & Kids

Flourishing Spring by Michele @ Frugal Granola ($5.95)
Mindset for Moms by Jamie @ Steady Mom ($4.99)

Nurturing Creativity
 by Renee @ FIMBY ($3.00)
Truth in the Tinsel by Amanda @ Impress Your Kids ($6.99)
The Simplify Your Family Life Sale is brought to you in part by Plan to Eat, an online meal planner that makes eating at home simple. Receive an exclusive coupon code on a one-year membership with your purchase!
Important note: This collection will only be available from Monday, April 16th at 8 a.m. EST to Friday, April 20th at 8 a.m. EST . There will be no late sales offered.

Which book are you most looking forward to reading?  Mine is How to Have your Cake and Eat it, Too.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. I just purchased the group of e-books, and I look forward to gathering great information about lots and lots of things.

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