Peapod Pick Up at Stop and Shop

Planning a party when you have little kids is no small feat. Whether the party is for 10 or 30, it still requires cooking, coordinating, and cleaning. This past weekend we baptized Connor and hosted a party for twenty. I’ve learned a thing or two about planning an easy menu, utilizing the slow cooker and taking the appropriate short cuts to make life a little easier. As I prepared for the party, I decided to take the opportunity to test out the Peapod curbside delivery service. We are big fans of grocery home delivery so I was curious to see how the curbside pick up would stack up.

 Peapod Pick Up at Stop and Shop

Here is what I experienced during the Peapod pick-up experience.


  • Free service with no minimum order. My order was under $100 and it was still free.
  • I pulled in to a covered area and an attendant came right out to the car so I didn’t have to get out with the three kids in the car.
  • Groceries were loaded into the car while JJ slept…awesome.
  • I could get the groceries while out and about doing all the other shopping. I didn’t have to stay home for a three hour window.
  • Cold items were already packed together so I could easily put them into a cooler as I continued my party prep shopping.
  • Attendant gave me a heads up on an item that was out of stock so I could deal with it before I got all the way home. (although I wish they had called to let me choose a substitution.)
  • Staying out of the store means no impulse buying so you can save money.
  • Done in about 5 minutes total.

Peapod pick up


  • Not as easy as home delivery. I could be in my PJ’s and get my groceries.
  • My closest location is 7 miles away so it’s really not super convenient.
  • Wish there was an option for same day pickup. Delivery times start the next day, but it is open 7 days a week.

Overall it was a positive experience. For Moms who have a pick-up option at their local Stop and Shop, this is a great time saver. It does take some planning to make it work, but in the long run, this can save you time and money. I did receive a gift card to test out the service, but all opinions shared here are my own.

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  1. Jodi Rooney says:

    We tried Peapod delivery when we got married 10 years ago in the DC area for our rehearsal luncheon at our house. Very easy to use. Never tried it here in MA, but have been meaning to do so. Nice to know you can do curbside pickup. Not fun dragging the kids into the supermarket, especially when they are hungry (which equals grumpy). Thanks for sharing! Jodi

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