She loves to paint!

I know there are a lots of creative projects for kids floating around on Pinterest but I just don’t seem to make them into reality. I’m great around the holidays, but otherwise I feel less inspired. I recently won a Kiwi Crate from a Twitter party.  It was love at first sight.

Our first Kiwi Crate

There are two projects in each box.  The boxes are made from recyclable cardboard and there’s no excess packaging, which I always appreciate. We got “Busy with Bugs”, which consisted of a firefly project, a sponge painting project and activity learning cards. Click here to see more of their sample crates. 

The instructions give parents an idea of how difficult a project is, and also the messiness factor. Older kids can read the simple instructions themselves. The boxes are targeted towards a 3-7 year old kids.  

This one was rated high on the messiness level!

I used our Kiwi Crate as a quiet time activity while my little guy is taking a nap. I feel good because I did something creative with my daughter, and she feels good because she got some quality mommy and me time.

Kiwi Crates come in either a monthly or yearly subscription form, plus gift options. It’s about $20 a month. They also have a cool feature to increase the amount of supplies so siblings can share.  If you are looking to give grandparents an idea for birthday or holiday gifts, this is an excellent option. For our family, I like the subscription idea so I always have something fresh and new keep us entertained without adding more toys and clutter to the house.  And I don’t have to go to the craft store…and spend $50 without even trying. This is such a better option for busy parents who want to do creative projects with their kids, but don’t have the time to get all the materials together. Oh, and shipping is free!

Her little masterpiece!

I have to mention the firefly project became a family favorite. One night before bedtime, we all played with the firefly on it’s zip line in the dark. There were lots of squeals of delight from both kids. What could be better than a project that includes glow sticks?!  

Fun and engaging projects for kids ages 3-7. Delivered monthly.  <Join Kiwi Crate today!>” border=”5″ src=”” />

Happy Crafting!

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  1. PragmaticMom says:

    I think those kits are great but for some strange reason, I can't get my kids to sit still to do it. And they are not little kids either: 12, 10 and 7. Perhaps the timing was bad; the summer time is for active play I guess!

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