I was a little sad to say goodbye to 2011.  Overall it was an amazing year.  I realized that as a family, we are much more successful at achieving our goals if we all are partners in the same resolutions.

We were blessed with the arrival of our son in February. Soon after, I made the tough decision to leave corporate life and become a stay-at-home mom.  I don’t believe I could have made this transition without the full support of my husband.  We decided that having a parent home with the kids was a priority, so everything else in life had to be adjusted. It was a major change for us, both emotionally and financially. While I won’t say the adjustment was super easy, I will say that I am still very happy with our decision.

As we started to talk about 2012, I knew it was important for my husband and I to share our resolutions.  We both feel strongly about getting prepared in case of an emergency, preparing healthy lunches for everyone plus a few other family goals.  As our children get older, I look forward to including them in making family resolutions.  Our three year old is just starting to understand the days of the week and the months, but a new year is a bit more than she can handle just yet.

Cheers to a beautiful 2012!  What resolutions are you focusing on this year?
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