Remember summer vacations when you spent all day outside and went to bed early because you were that tired?  You went barefoot because it was easier, and showers were taken outside.  I just had one of those glorious weeks.  We packed up and spent eights days away from home in a rustic cottage, free of wireless internet and a dishwasher.  It was a great opportunity to step out of the fast lane.
As I prepared for vacation, I realized I should also be planning for my blog maintenance.  I’ve read great articles about guest posts, yet didn’t get my ducks in a row to map this out.  I could have scheduled a post, or even uploaded a short post from my Iphone during the week away. (I wasn’t totally cut off from the world, just close enough.)  I have numerous reviews I’m excited to write, and great eco-eating tips I want to share. Yet, when night fall came, I didn’t have the heart to turn on a computer and write.  It was enough for me to read a novel or a magazine, with my husband at my side.  There were board games to play with great friends on other nights.  My mind did wander to the thoughts of the posts I wasn’t writing, or the blogs I wasn’t keeping up with.  Each time though, there was some other great event that I couldn’t pass up.  Eating breakfast out, going to a fish market, and walking the beach all took precedence over email, Twitter, and blogging.  I realized that my change in page rank will never take a seat in my memory bank, but watching my daughter run into the waves will be there forever.  Here is just a glimpse at the fun moments that made me realize it is okay to take a vacation from the wonderful world of blogging.

The joys of a pail and a shovel

Sleeping beauty on a boat ride
Best buddies! We’re ready for the beach!
The scariest sky, but beautiful too

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