how to tackle your creative stash

how to tackle your creative stash

The new year brought about a renewed awareness of “stuff” in our house. Do we need it? Do we love it? Does it add value to our everyday life? As I sorted and purged through the nooks and crannies in our house, I was able to make a quick decision on most items. (Especially after reading this book.) The trickier things are those that are project driven. The scrapbook supplies for the baby book I didn’t put together, the fancy stamps for card making, the old sweaters to cut into fingerless gloves. How do you know when it’s time to let go?

It feels wasteful to just toss some of these things, and I am not quite ready to give up on making time for more creative endeavors in my life. After pulling everything together, I tried to think about the stuff in this light.

  1. If I finished the product, where would it go in my home or closet?
  2. How much will I use my creation?
  3. Do I still enjoy this hobby?
  4. Could I borrow like items from friends if I decided to let mine go?

As the sorting continues, I saw that an eCourse is part of the new Ultimate DIY Bundle called “Use Your Stash” and written by Elise Joy (who’s podcast Elise Gets Crafty is awesome!) I consider it a little kick in the pants to get moving and just DO something. It will encourage you to use up the stuff you have and enjoy the process. Make something fabulous and be okay with using something up.

This even can apply to your kids craft supplies. Let them go a little wild and use their stash. There is no need to hoard pompoms and pipe cleaners. Let them use their stickers. Set out their creative bits and bobbins and see what happens. Adults can learn a thing or two about freedom of expression as you watch the kids use their stuff with abandon.

reuse old sweaters in new ways

This sweater is so beautiful, but it has moth holes. Now what?

If you are encouraged to use some of your creative stash, but need a little jumpstart, there is the Ultimate DIY Bundle available Jan 21-Jan 26. There are 76 ebooks, which cover photography, sewing, writing, small business and more. My favorite part this go round are the ecourses- Use Your Stash and the Photo editing one both look awesome. The value of everything is $1200 and is only $34.95.

I’m not going to read more than half of what’s included, but the ones I do want to read would cost:

  • Reuse, Refresh, Repurpose $3.99
  • The Social Spread $129.99  (amazing deal on social media update ideas for a year!)
  • Say No to Auto $10.00
  • Easy DIY Crafts for Every Season $10.00
  • TOTAL $153.98

So I bought the bundle. I saved $119.  Plus I may finally make those sweater covers for mason jars I keep seeing on Pinterest…

What will you make?


Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. I bought it on my own and think it’s a valuable resource. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

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  1. betsy says:

    I am on a huge purge this year! We have lived in our house for 8 years and we have way too much STUFF! I need to clean out the craft closet and am scared! lol

  2. Michelle says:

    I need all these resources. One of my resolutions this year is to clear the clutter once and for all. Except I think I realized it’s never a once and for all thing because it breeds like rabbits!

  3. Leticia Barr says:

    My daughter and I love to craft and dealing with our craft stash is always a challenge but you’re right that letting go and letting craft supplies be used makes a huge difference! I’m a big fan of letting my kids have free reign over our crafting supplies because I love seeing what they come up with and it’s no use for them to occupy extra room in our house by not being used!

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