In my quest to clear out the clutter in our home this year, books have been top of my list.  I have been reselling my books on Amazon for over a year and have made a nice dent in my book collection.

I sat down tonight to list another 20 books which will hopefully find a new home.  I can’t compete with the big vendors that sell books for $0.01, but I try to price the books fairly based on their condition.
Are you interested in reselling your books?  I suggest gathering a small group of books to start and test the waters.
1. Enter your first book into Amazon’s search page, then look on the far right where it says “have one to sell?”
2. You will then be prompted to answer a couple of easy questions, like the condition of the book, how many you have to sell, and also the price.  I want to move my products so I price them on the low side, but will enough cushion to cover the shipping fee if I think it will be more than $3.99.
3. When a book sells, you will get two emails confirming this action.  You will then log into your seller’s account to get the shipping address.  Promptly mail the book to the consumer, then log back into your account to confirm the shipment which will then trigger payment to your own bank account.  This is a super simple process which I have been very happy with over the past year.

Here is a listing of my current inventory, please let me know if you have any questions about any of the listings or the process.  I have also resold a jewelry box and SodaStream flavorings on Amazon so there is a vast opportunity to send your stuff to a new home instead of the trash.

Besides books, what have you had success with at reselling?  Any plans to do so in the coming season?
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