Hello summer.  This is the status of our raised bed we had installed and filled with organic soil.  It is made with red cedar, a safe wood that doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into the soil.  (Thanks Soil & Seed!) It is filled with heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, celery, sugar snap peas, eggplants, peppers, carrots, herbs and marigolds for good measure.

This is one of our smaller beds and everything was started from seed.  We have baby spinach, a lettuce blend and pickling cucumbers.  I’m glad that we will have a staggered harvest of our greens.

The broccoli was also started from seed and is doing great in both the raised bed and also a windowsill container.  I can just see the start of the florets.

I have one more square foot to plant.  What do you think I am missing? What are you looking forward to harvesting in your garden?

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