I love these pillows from Hillary Cosgrove’s Etsy shop!  They are Alphabet pillows made from discarded suit jackets.  What a great way to recycle your dated suit jacket.
Check out her Etsy Shop and view a number of other unique items.  My friend India will just love the owls 🙂

These special pillows retail for $65.00.

I think they would be a fun addition for my casual couch, and could help teach my daughter a letter or two…

What other fabrics do you recycle into unique pillows or other items?

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  1. Michele Chastain says:

    These are awesome! I keep my son's favorite t-shirts (such as Mario and Luigi, Legend of Zelda, etc…) and make them into throw pillows for his bed. He's in college now and still loves them.

  2. Cerissa L. says:

    Last summer I bought a clutch that was made from an old sweater at a craft fair. The woman also had some larger bags. I've been thinking about how to make some of my own…a great use for those sweaters I accidentally shrink 🙂

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