I will admit, I do have a love affair with my Iphone.  Especially with all the many apps that have helped me get organized/plan dinner/find a Starbucks/etc.  My latest favorite is the Hipstamatic app, which takes vintage looking photos. There are three lenses that are offered in the initial purchase of the app (which is $1.99). There are additional lenses available as a package that you can add on as well.  To change lenses, just swipe across the screen.

I think it gives a great new look to photos I want to post on my blog.  Above is the latest green pepper from my container garden.  I just love how the Hipstamatic photo has a different edge…plus it’s framed.  If you are using this app, I would love to see pictures.  Leave a link in the comment section and I’ll check it out.
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  1. stimerex es says:

    If you want to target iOS devices and support file uploads native app is a must until Apple allows file uploads from Mobile Safari. Other platforms has their own limitations about file uploads and downloads as well.

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