If you are a regular follower of my weekly meal plans, you will note that we often do family pizza night on Fridays.  This isn’t a night out or an order-in evening.  It is simply making pizza at home with the kids’ help.  They help pick out toppings, help eat the toppings while we put them on the pizza, and then attempt to help roll out the dough.  Do your kids try to eat raw pizza dough?  It’s not tasty but for some reason Madison always tries to sneak some.

We recently tested out the Summit 6 Pasta Sauce line.  It’s made by a local mom who was tired of battling her kids to get them to eat vegetables.  Jennifer Joslin created a sauce made with six vegetables, including: carrots, green beans, eggplant, red cabbage, garlic and tomatoes.  Her kids ate the sauce on their pasta and pizza.  Success!

Use leftover veggies for your pizza night

Here is what happened on pizza night at our house.  Madison picked out all of the red peppers from the pizza, despite loving them raw.  We skipped the battle and enjoyed the fact that we had used the Summit 6 Kids Pasta Sauce.  The key thing here is it’s a “no-chunk” sauce.  Many parents understand that kids may love tomato sauce, but they don’t love the chunks.  Sneaky sauce that this is, both kids gobbled it up.

Mom and Dad loved the spicier version of the sauce.  We tried it in place of our usual spicy, red pepper sauce of a competitor.  It tasted equally good.  The real selling point for me on Summit 6 happened when I compared the two nutritional facts.  The sodium content was 10% points lower for Summit 6 for the recommended daily value.  Although we are not in the category to really “watch” our sodium intake, I do try to chose low sodium option whenever I have the chance.

Fresh basil for your homemade pizza
Pizza night in our house is typically Trader Joe’s pizza dough, a nitrate-free pepperoni, lots of cheese and whatever veggies we have in the house.  Fresh basil from our garden, when in season, is also a great way to add yet another vegetable into the pizza.  Eventually I will try to make my pizza dough, but for now I’m buying Trader Joe’s.

You can get Summit 6 Pasta Sauces in local Massachusettes and Rhode Island stores.  Otherwise you can also order online.  As summer days grow long, this is a great way to add a little more vegetables to your family dinner.

What do you think about the debate about sneaking veggies into your child’s diet vs making them eat them outright?  Do you think it matters?

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Disclosure: I was provided product to review from Summit 6.  This in no way influenced my ability to get my kids to eat veggies.  Opinions and actions are my own, and my kids. 🙂

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  1. Katie says:

    Making the dough is super easy, except that my pizzas never end up round. They're sort of indeterminate amoeba shapes and tend to be pretty thick. Perhaps if your pie-tossing skills are better than mine, you wouldn't have that problem. ^_^

    But yay pizza night!

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