I have to admit, I love coffee. Good coffee. Not roofer’s coffee as my Dad use to call his black tar-like coffee. I started bringing a cup of coffee on the drive to school with me in 11th grade, so it has been part of my morning habit for a long time. Thankfully, my husband drinks strong coffee like I do. In the morning, I love making a big pot to share and fill the travel mug as he heads out to work. While pregnant and also nursing, our morning routine gets more complicated as I drink decaf during this time. This is where Dr. Drip Coffee will be very handy.

I love the idea of individual brewing options, especially for the regular versus decaf challenge. What I don’t like is the waste created by the plastic pods that are needed for the individual brewing systems. I researched Keurig pods a while back and learned they are trying to develop a recyclable pod, but it just doesn’t exist yet. Dr. Drip Coffee offers an individual brewing experience, AND a recyclable filter and packaging.

I tested out their decaf option during nap time for the kids. I boiled water in the microwave first. Meanwhile, I set up the Dr. Drip over my mug. The coffee grinds are exposed so use caution. Once the water is boiling, slowly pour it over the grinds. It’s a slower process than I would like, as you have to wait for the water to drain before adding more. I let it rest about a minute after I finished pouring the water through to get a stronger finish.

Taste test time. I was a little skeptical after the pouring process that this coffee would be good. I was wrong, it was great. No grainy “instant” flavor (like Via) and it wasn’t watered down at all. I was surprised that it was so good, especially since tasty decaf coffee can be hard to find. Dr. Drip uses organic, fair-trade coffee and offers a variety of flavors to suit your morning habit.

The best part was clean up. I put the outside package and filter in my recycling bin and the filter went into the compost. No waste.

For me, I think this is a great product to pack on vacation when you may be staying somewhere with less than acceptable coffee. I think I’ll stick with my french press coffee for now, which also is no waste as the grinds just go into the compost when we are done.

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Disclosure: I was provided samples of Dr. Drip Coffee to review. It in no way influenced my opinions shared here. 
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