I have a daughter who loves to watch me put lip gloss on. And then I hear, “My turn, my turn.” One time she put some lip balm on and it turned her skin all red. Since then, I’m more strict about what I share with her, and it’s motivated me to switch to safer products for myself.

As our kids get older, they start using more bath and beauty products. They might need conditioner and detangler spray, especially if they have curly hair like my Madison. Or maybe they need a stronger shampoo to get rid of greasy hair. Do you want to use the same thing you do? Maybe not. The skin is our largest organ and all those ingredients get absorbed into the bloodstream and if it’s a chemical, it can cause hormonal disruptions, dermatitis and more.

As we buy new products, I have been doing a test wash on myself on my inner arm prior to letting either kid use it. I figure it’s a good first start to make sure there are no skin irritants. Now I know we can’t really test diaper rash creams, but look for one without too many ingredients besides the all important zinc oxide.

Here are the ingredients I make sure are not listed:

Sodium laureth sulfate


There is a great online guide that will give you a safety rating, based on the ingredient list. It’s organized by the EWG, or Environmental Working Group. Lots of people use their database to check their sunscreen safety, but they also have one for beauty products. I was excited to see one of our products, Dolphin Organics Body Lotion got a zero rating. That means there is nothing unnatural about what goes into making this lotion. I am totally comfortable using this for Madison for dry patches on her face.

Here is my go-to list for bath and beauty products for the kids

Bath Wash

Whole Foods Conditioner
(Going to check out Aubrey’s next)

We were using Healthy Sexy Hair (yes, for my 3 year old), but i’m going to switch after I looked at the ingredient list. However, it works amazing well.  A couple of good ones recommended are the California Baby detangler or Original Sprout 

Lip balm
Mad Gabs. Madison now gets her own she can put on before nap time or bedtime. She is enjoying the new Wildy Natural Juicy Mango Lip Butter.  Doesn’t that just sound delicious! I love her having her own special lip gloss like Mommy, but no sharing germs and it’s safe for her skin. Plus the tube is recyclable. 🙂
(I also am using Mad Gab’s lip gloss and love the texture and shine.  The lip shimmers they offer were a bust…they were too smushy, even in cool temperatures.  I can’t imagine how they would hold up over the summer!  To find a store that carries Mad Gabs, check here.)

Dolphin Organics Lotion
Coconut Oil

Tom’s of Maine for Kids, Strawberry Flavor **Yet just realized there is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate on the ingredient list which I am not excited about.

What are your favorite products for your kids?
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Disclosure: I received samples of Mad Gabs and Dolphin Organics. This did not influence my opinions shared here. 

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