Culinary Nutrition Bootcamp

Do you get overwhelmed when it comes to the idea of healthy eating? With all the new dietary trends, it’s easily to feel overwhelmed. And you are not alone.

Ready to finally understand how to master healthy eating? It’s time to join the Culinary Nutrition Bootcamp.

Learn how to improve the quality of the food in your kitchen, make grocery shopping easier, and finally figure out what foods make you feel awesome.

Eating for Awesome Energy

This 6 week program includes weekly coaching sessions, access to me via a private chat forum, and a focus on culinary nutrition education. The goal is to empower you to make healthy choices long term, as there is no quick fix that works. 

The areas of focus are as follows:

  • Culinary Nutrition
    • upgrade ingredients, meats, produce (beyond the organic certification)
    • learn what cooking methods lead to improved nutrient absorption
    • meal prep strategies for healthy, easy meals
    • master what foods nourish your body, and which ones are causing poor sleep, mood, and energy.
  • Improving sleep
  • Understanding the role of hydration
  • Hormone health and blood sugar balance
  • Stress Management tips and techniques

Book your Culinary Nutrition Bootcamp today and let’s get started!

The program includes:

  •  6, 45 minute weekly coaching sessions over 6 weeks via an online video session.
  • Access to a private chat with me within Practice Better, a HIPPA compliant patient portal.The chat can be used to ask questions, accountability, and for me to share recipe ideas.
  • Food journal review
  • Education lesson
  • Recipes that match your level of cooking confidence (although I’ll give you a nudge to try new foods)

If you would like more information about a 3-month coaching option, please refer back to my Culinary Nutrition Coaching page.