Last spring I read Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable, Miracle book and enjoyed every page from beginning to end.  With spring around the corner, I find myself going back to this books for ideas about early spring plantings.
The book is Kingsolver’s family’s true story of spending a full year living off their land, and also that of their neighbors.  They are on a farm, complete with heritage turkeys and fields of crops.  Kingsolver has added a bonus to the book with short essays by both her husband and older daughter.  I particularly enjoyed the daughter’s narration of the challenges they faced and the recipes that sustained them through the year.  I can say I ordered Ricky the Cheese Queen’s cheese making kit after reading about their summer trip there.  I made mozzarella that tasted amazing using local, whole organic milk and served it at my book club.

Each month is a chapter, narrating the newest crops, or finds in their local market.  It is an inspiring journey to read and really makes you think about how to shop locally and provide some of your food yourself. I am going to try to plant more tomatoes, spinach, and herbs this summer to share with my family. Hopefully the New England weather cooperates. As a new mother, I am very aware now of how much I appreciate knowing where my daughter’s food came from. I am going to try to buy more chicken at our local poultry farm and visit the farmer’s market when they come back in the late spring.

Happy Reading…   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life (P.S.)

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