When was the last time you got takeout for lunch?  Before this week, it may have been never in my case.  My sister’s last day visiting was on Tuesday and she had a craving for Stone Hearth Pizza.  Never one to turn down pizza, I was happy to jump into this new lunch treat.

We used the online Foodler delivery service to place our order.  I had a paper menu and my sister gave me the details of her favorite pizza~ mozzarella/provolone cheese, garlic olive oil, broccoli, roasted red pepper and chicken.  I checked the computer and we were able to place our order in faster time than talking to someone on the phone.  Click, click, enter tip for driver (yeah since I never have cash!), click and done.  The Foodler system gave an estimated delivery time, which was about 45 mins away.

Surprise, the pizza arrive 20 mins ahead of the time estimate.  Just signed a slip and all done.  It’s the little thing like having the credit card stuff all set before the delivery guy arrives that makes me happy.  Plus it feels more secure.  Part of my “Modern Green Living” tagline is to see what else we can do via the computer so I can reduce the amount of paper in my house.  Getting rid of take-out menus (which we hardly use) and just  use the computer makes me happy with a program like Foodler.

Lunch was lovely and a great way to end my sister’s vacation. Love how Stone Hearth Pizza uses chicken from Bell & Evans and it’s antibiotic free.  Veggies are as local as they can be this time of year.  This is the only pizza box I read.  See all the local farms listed below?!

Ever get takeout for lunch?  Want to check out Foodler.com to see if they deliver to your neck of the woods?

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Disclosure: I was compensated to review the Foodler delivery service. This in no way influence my opinion shared here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Since I found out about Foodler I never order by phone and recycled the mess of paper menus I had.

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