My first attempt at aerial yoga

Have you tried aerial yoga? Have you even heard of it? When I was offered the chance to test it out at a TD Bank sponsored event at the South Boston Yoga Studio, I jumped at it.

I received a new yoga outfit from Minawear for the special event. Each piece is made from hemp, a sustainable fabric choice. I choose the clam digger pant with silk trim, plus the three strap tank.  I didn’t want my outfit to be fussy if I was going to be hanging upside down.

South Boston Aerial Yoga Studio

We walked into a yoga studio filled with what looked like silk drapes hanging from the ceiling. Now I knew I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. Our instructor talked us through how to get into the silk harnesses. It was easier and more comfortable than I expected. The harness was wide enough to stretch across your entire body lengthwise. Once I was inside this dark cocoon, I didn’t want to get out.

photo courtesy of TD Bank

Alas, then the real workout started. Up, down, sideways and upside down. It was a test of both flexibility and strength. The reason why TD Bank sponsored a yoga event is they feel their company’s message of “flexibility and openness” is in sync with the same message as yoga. They don’t have typical bank hours and they have tons of different banking options for everyone. (Plus they are the first carbon neutral bank!)

The Fortuitous Housewife loved inversions

Would I do aerial yoga again? Yes. It was a good workout and my arms felt it the next day. What I liked best was the challenge of following directions throughout the class. I had to pay attention during each move so I didn’t end up on my head. I was totally in the moment and not thinking about my to-do list on the other side. A regular yoga practice doesn’t always do this for me.
There are limited areas to practice aerial yoga but it is growing in popularity. I suggest checking out a class to see if it’s right for you.

The Minawear outfit worked out great during the class. I may have to get myself the full length pants because they are just that soft and comfortable. They washed well and they don’t have that same smell that gets into my synthetic athletic clothes.

What do you think? Will aerial yoga be the next big thing in yoga?

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Disclosure: I attended the yoga event courtesy of TD Bank. I also received the Minawear outfit for review. All opinions expressed here are my own. 

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