I love scented candles as much as the next person.  It’s lilac in the summer and spiced pumpkin in the fall.  Except lately I have been thinking twice about lighting up.  I keep reading articles about the toxins released in the air from conventional candles.  That black soot around the glass rim, not all of it stays in the glass.  Some of it’s released into the air around your home.

Paraffin is the wax used to make the majority of candles on the market, including many homemade candles.  It is typically derived from petroleum waste (more reliance on oil) and is then mixed with additional chemicals like bleach.  Not only is soot released from burning the conventional candles, but also other known carcinogens like benzene and toluene.  Even the wick itself can release chemicals into the air when burned.

I finally tested out some soy candles, thanks to M. Carlesimo.  They use soy wax in their candles, which is 100% natural.  It’s made from soybeans, and burning it doesn’t release any of the scary chemicals conventional candles send into the air.  The scent is much more subtle, it doesn’t scream “I have a candle burning to mask the other smells in my house.”  I have burned the candles on multiple occasions, and there is still zero black soot around the glass.  My favorite scent so far is the Mandarin.  It’s fresh and is a great compliment to the early spring flowers in the house.  The Milk & Honey scent stays in the bedroom and has been a nice addition 😉

I won’t mention my old favorite candle store at the mall, but I’m going to think twice about shopping there any longer. I know there is a safer alternative.  M. Carlesimo 100% natural soy candles are available online, and also at many great retail shops on the West Coast.  They are currently offering free shipping on orders over $50.  Get a group of your friends together and place an order.  Another great benefit of soy candles, they last nearly 50% longer than traditional candles.

If you need more convincing, visit M. Carlesimo’s site for details on the safety of soy candles over the alternative.

I was provided M. Carlesimo products for review purposes only, my opinions are solely my own and in no way influenced.   

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  1. julie says:

    I never thought about candles that way before but I will now! And I have a candle sitting on my kitchen table as we speak that has all sorts of black around it. Blech. Thanks so much for the informative post and thank you for stopping by. It's really nice to meet you!

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