Green Nonstick Pans

Have you ever been confused about the rules about nonstick pans? Can you use them or not?  For a long time I’ve tried to avoid using them, but when you are cooking eggs there really isn’t a great alternative. There    are a bunch of new “healthy” alternatives to the old Teflon pans many of us grew up with.  You want to look for PFOA and PTFE-free pans, which means is doesn’t release the same cancer causing toxins that Teflon releases when scratched.

Green Nonstick Pans

Below is a collection of well priced green pans that offer the ease of nonstick cooking. Most have either a ceramic coating or a Thermolon coating.

Oh, and if you have an old non-stick pan that is really scratched, get rid   of it. Don’t pass it along. It’s one of those items that shouldn’t be passed along to a new home. You can also extend the life of nonstick pans by using silicone cooking tools and a  Silpat Non-Stick Baking Mat.

5 Green Non-Stick Pans to Love


What are your “must have” kitchen pans?
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  1. DB Landes says:

    A great use for those old pans… pop some holes in the bottom (if it’s deep enough), spray with clear rustoleum and grow something in it or (for shallow skillets) spray with some brightly colored rustoleum, take the handle off and turn it into a fruit bowl on your table.

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