Happy weekend! We are blessed with warm weather and sunshine so no complaints here. It “almost” feels like a normal weekend. Make yourself an iced coffee or iced tea and enjoy some healthy entertainment in the links ahead.

simple sourdough

Weekend Wellness Wrap Up

  1. My mindful meal planning chat was shared yesterday via the Conscious Eater’s Conclave online summit. I’ve been listening to the other talks and they are fabulous. As we all spend more time in our kitchens, there’s a ton of great info on how to make healthy choices easier on a regular basis. You can still watch the replays through the weekend for free. Click here to check out the speakers and let me know if you catch my talk!
  2. I’m obsessed with all things related to growing a kitchen garden, or potager en francais.I grabbed this new book and curious to learn more about what a kitchen garden coach can do.
  3. We got on the sourdough train too this week. It’s not our first rodeo, but it’s been at least two years. Round one came out great, and now I’m going to play around with some other recipes to find the right one that works for our timing. I love recipes that tell me “what to do when” from a time of day perspective. We used the one from The Clever Carrot and I found it very easy to follow.
  4. Our compost bin in the kitchen has had a broken lid for over a year. I finally replaced it and got this pretty copper one that can live on the counter and make it so much easier to clean up after everyone at home.
  5. I love the weekend links from Every Day Parisian. This week’s How to Stock a French Pantry was a delight to read. (and I’m still in pretty good shape from my fall trip to Paris!)
  6. The kids got a little sunburn yesterday. Yikes! We brought the Beautycounter sunscreen back out and realized we needed to restock. Click here to grab your sunscreen that is safe for sensitive skin, with no toxic chemicals and it’s easy to apply.
  7. In case you want my wine pick of the week, I’ll happily recommend our new 1/2 bottle of the Middle Jane Pinot Noir. The wine from Willamette Valley comes from a Demeter certified biodynamic vineyard, and they create some incredible wines. Scout & Cellar partnered with this winery to create the Middle Jane wines and they are truly spectacular if you consider yourself a wine connoisseur.
  8. Have you heard of Zach Bush? I’m getting on the bandwagon and listening to his work. He has a different perspective on how the virus has come to be from an evolutionary perspective. This episode is getting a ton of traction, or listen to the Rich Roll podcast. While I don’t agree with everything, I do think there are some very interesting takeaways from a science perspective.
    • “I aspire that we emerge from this planetary wake-up call not as victims, but empowered — armed with greater clarity to reimagine and actualize a better, more sustainable, purposeful, intentional, and fulfilling life experience for ourselves, our loved ones, future generations and frankly the world at large.​”  -Zach Bush

Happy reading friends! Enjoy the weekend and may you get some sunshine on your skin wherever you are.

xo, Emily

cook pancake on sheet pan

p.s. Thank you to everyone who has made the Sheet Pan Pancakes and sent me pictures. Tag them on IG with @emilyroachwellness so I can find them!​

Welcome to this week’s Weekend Wellness edition. Grab your smoothie or a cup of tea and dig in!

Happy May. I don’t know about you, but I am just so excited for the new month and warmer days ahead. Fresh air and sunshine make staying at home a whole lot easier. 

Garden planning

Last week we spent time in the garden before all the rain arrived. We have the following in the ground so far. 

-lettuce greens, spinach, kale, bok choy (from seed)

-seedings of more kale, swiss chard, and spinach 

Today we are planting our cabbage, cilantro, beetroot and lavender. And I have to order my breakfast radish seeds. I’ve been finding them sold out in a lot of places that we typically get seeds from. The kids will help us pick out some spots for our wild flower seeds to help attract all the bees to the garden. 

And we had our first asparagus pop up this week. Celebrating the small wins everyday.

​Weekend Wellness

Here’s my wrap up of worthwhile things to read and events ahead. I may catch the pilates celebration later as I plan to be outside ALL DAY.

Today is International Pilates Day. Join my favorite instructor Robin from The Balanced Life at 11:30 EST for a free class. Grab all the details here to access the class.​

Milk Street is offering their online cooking classes free thru May 31. What a fun way to get inspired in the kitchen!

Did you know garden focaccia bread is a thing?

Garden Focaccia bread

NY Times Garden Focaccia bread via Hannah Page

I signed up today for the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Masterclass, and you can too. This was an in-person event I was planning to attend in Toronto to visit my friends in the Great North. Now the conference is going virtual and the topic is Resilience. Could it have been any more timely? Sign up for the live call, or the live call with recordings. (my pick) There is an incredible line up of speakers and I’m excited to get some new info to help us maintain our good health in the season ahead.

Don’t know what to cook for dinner? Try this fun pantry recipe finder tool with Epicurious!

Can we say it’s officially rosé season? I’m hoping you all join me and say YES! Grab one of our two new rosé vintages, though my pick is the French L’Original from Provence of course.🇫🇷 Did you notice we share the Residual Sugar for each bottle? That refers to how much juice sugar is left in the wine after the fermentation is complete. You might understand why I recommend L’Original so much.

​Enjoy your weekend ahead. Join me over on Instagram and I’ll share some planting and baking pics over the weekend. I’ll be making caramelized onions in the slow cooker to pair with burgers on the grill tonight! Thanks for reading this week’s Weekend Wellness!