Do you have a car that you love?  For me, it’s our Ford Escape.  It was the first car my husband I bought together after our wedding.  We got it in 2005 and thought it would be the perfect car for us as newlyweds, but also carry us through the days when our family grew. I recently got to check out the new 2013 Ford Escape and there were a lot of cool new updates.

The new 2013 Ford Escape 

Now you may be saying, hey, isn’t she a green blogger?  What is she doing talking about an SUV?  Yes, I have to admit, it may not be the greenest choice I make.  However, after MUCH debate with my husband, we decided that we are an SUV family.  It provides us flexibility for bringing all of our beach gear with us each summer, trash runs to the local “recycling transfer station”, and room for kids and friends.  We live close to town and walk to do lots of errands, coordinate trips so we don’t drive too much, plus we don’t use a car to commute.  All of these things drastically cut down on our car use so I am comfortable saying I drive an SUV.

Luckily, the Ford Escape has something really cool called EcoBoost engines. The new Escape has two EcoBoost engines, which essentially allows the engine to squeeze the most out of every drop of gasoline used in the car.  The engines improve efficiency, leading to better fuel economy and power delivery. It has the fuel economy of a mid-size sedan.

Opened the back without any keys in hand.

There are also some awesome bells and whistles in the new Escape.  Hands free driving anyone?  Yes, the car can parallel park itself.  Check out this video my friend Charlene from Charlene Chronicles took here of me driving.  Then there is the Intelligent Access hands-free lift gate. No more fumbling for the keys while you carry a baby and a shopping bag.  Just a swift kick under the bumper and voila, the back opens!  Here is the video of Charlene in action demonstrating the ease of use.

We are in the market for a new car when our lease is up on our mid-size sedan.  I have the opportunity to test drive the Escape, Flex and Explorer in a little more detail to see which one may be right for our family.  I’ll be sharing all the pros and cons of each car, from a busy mom point of view.  I can’t wait to share the experiences with you. Hopefully it will help answer some questions you have when it comes to deciding on your next family car.

What is your favorite feature in your car?

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Disclosure: I attended a Ford media event. All opinions shared here are my own.