Essential Oils to Optimize Your Health

For more than four years, I have used essential oils in my home. I have a wonderful collection that helps me solve tummy aches, cold symptoms, anxiety, and sleeplessness. The list goes on but I’ll share my top favorites here.

  1. Peppermint: this is a wonderful digestive aid. I add one drop to a large glass of water if my stomach is upset. It’s also used in a number of my diffuser recipes to help with allergy and cold symptoms.
  2. Thieves: this is our go-to during the winter months. I swear it helps keep the germ bugs at bay from my kids. I rub it on their feet at night and diffuse it in the air at breakfast each morning. When I feel the tickle of a sore throat, I make a Thieves tea for myself.
  3. Lemon: an all-around mood brightening oil! I diffuse this for a fresh scent in our home, add it to water (kid’s too!) and also add it to homemade bath scrubs.
  4. Purification: if I cook fish, this is diffused to remove the smell. Works every time!
  5. Tea Tree Oil: I use this on my skin if I see a sign of a blemish. It’s a great way to treat healing wounds to avoid infection. I’ll also add this to my DIY foaming hand scrub.

Everyday Oils, Everyday Use

You can discover your own favorites by order a Starter Kit from Young Living.

I love that it includes a diffuser as I find it really useful to get started in the room you use the most.

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Starter Kit Unboxing from Young Living Essential Oils on Vimeo.